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The Philippines will become the newest member to the world club of international rugby. They become the 16th Asian nation on my Rugby Ranking list and the 118th nation on all my lists

Updated 31.05.2006

Latest Results


La Reunion 48, Mayotte 0 in Port Louis (CAR Castle Beer Trophy South, Group B)

Mauritius 20, Botswana 15 in Port Louis (CAR Castle Beer Trophy South, Group B)



Spain 36, Germany 10 in Madrid (WCQ Europe Rnd 3, Playoff 2nd leg) Details

Namibia 84, Kenya 12 in Windhoek (WCQ Africa. R2, Grp B; CAR Africa Cup, Grp B) Details

Russia 53, Ukraine 12 in Kiev (European Nations Cup)

Lithuania 23, Hungary 17 in Esztergom (FIRA-AER Division 3B)

Finland 27, Greece 0 in Helsinki (FIRA-AER Division 3D)

Morocco v Uganda in Casablanca (WCQ Africa. R2, Grp A; CAR Africa Cup, Grp A) to 3 June

Cameroun v South Africa XV in Doula (CAR Africa Cup, Pool C) to 1 July



Hong Kong 23, China 7 in Shenyang (WCQ Asia Round 4, Division 2)



Portugal 18, Czech Republic 10 in Prague (European Nations Cup)

Latvia 18, Austria 7 in Riga (FIRA-AER Division 3A)

Philippines 18, Guam 14 in Guam (Asia Tournament)


 A complete list of results for 2006


CAR Castle Beer Trophy South, Group B-in Port Louis, Mauritius


La Reunion 48, Mayotte 0


Mauritius 20, Botswana 15


Match reports day one (In French)



Thanks to ‘svsvsv’ and ‘Quentin’ from FIRA-AER forum



Mauritius v Mayotte

La Reunion v Botswana



Mayotte v Botswana

Mauritius v La Reunion





Nicolas Dupavillon, Stéphane Pilot, Xavier de Senneville, Denis Claite, Damien Bax, Jean-Rilo Flore (1ère ligne), Bruno Bax (Capt), Marc D'Argent, Gregory Deweer (2ème ligne), Thierry Park, Arnaud Boullé, Herbert Couacaud Jr, Laurent Desvaux (3e ligne), Cédrick Raffray (demi-mêlée, vice capt), Simon Yapp (demi d'ouverture), Nicolas Pilot, Frédérick d'Unienville, Sacha Marot, Olivier Rey, Fabien Sauzier, Fabien Maujean (ailier), Dimitri Vaulbert, Henri Vaulbert (centre).


la Réunion

Avants : Michael Sabrilamour (27 ans, 179 cm, 110 kg, pilier, RC St-Pierre) - Frédéric Rivière (30 ans, 185 cm, 100 kg, talonneur/2è-3è ligne, SC Chaudron) - William Hoarau (32 ans, 187 cm, 94 kg, 2è/3è ligne, SC Chaudron, ex Montluçon F2) Jérome Gauthier (Cap) (32 ans, 190 cm, 99 kg, 2è/3è ligne, SC Chaudron)

Nicolas Tieffenbach (37 ans, 175 cm, 103 kg, pilier, RC St-Paul)

François Dorla (24 ans, 184 cm, 92 kg, 2è/3è ligne, RC St-Paul)

Jonathan Nassibou (21 ans, 185 cm, 81 kg, 3ème ligne, RC St-Paul)

Rodolphe Bax (21 ans, 190 cm, 90 kg, 3ème ligne, RC Portois)

Laurent Savigny (30 ans, 177 cm, 127 kg, pilier, RC St-Pierre)

Hendrick Lavallee (25 ans, 178 cm, 102 kg, talonneur/2è-3è ligne, RC St-Pierre) - Loic Raffin (vice capitaine) (33 ans, 188 cm, 105 kg, 2è/3è ligne, RC St-Pierre, ex PUC F1)

Nicolas Frapaise (33 ans, 198 cm, 90 kg, 2è/3è ligne, RC St-Pierre)

Daniel Lebon (27 ans, 176 cm, 90 kg, pilier, RC St-Pierre)


Gilles Brouzeng (34 ans, 172 cm, 72 kg, demi de mêlée, RC St-Paul)

Ulrich Lamour (22 ans, 170 cm, 65 kg, arrière/ailier, RC St-Paul)

Lazare Hoareau (22 ans, 166 cm, 76 kg, centre, XV Dionysien)

Fred Samelor (vice capitaine) (28 ans, 180 cm, 75 kg, 9/arrière, ailier, RC Portois) - Hassan Alhadhuir (27 ans, 185 cm, 90 kg, ailier, RC Portois)

 Raphael Gomez (32 ans, 175 cm, 77 kg, 9/centre, RC St-Pierre, ex Sarcelles F3) - Steve Martin (31 ans, 185 cm, 85 kg, arrière/centre/ailier, RC St-Pierre, ex Massy F1) Fred Leichnig (22 ans, 185 cm, 80 kg, ouverture/centre, RC St-Pierre) –

Julien Besinge (25 ans, 170 cm, 70 kg, ouverture/centre, RC St-Pierre)

Arnaud Brand (28 ans,


Coaches: Guy Baquer and Marco Dulac


A special thank you to ‘Quentin’ who digs a lot of this data up.


Coming Up



England ‘A’ v Scotland ‘A’ in Toronto (Churchill Cup, Pool B-Non test)

United States v Ireland ‘A’ in San Francisco (Churchill Cup, Pool A)

New Zealand Juniors v Fiji in Suva (Pacific 5 Nations)

Ukraine v Romania in Kiev (European Nations Cup)

Morocco v Uganda in Casablanca (WCQ Africa R2, Grp A; Africa Cup Grp A

Norway v Bosnia in Oslo (FIRA-AER Division C)

England Counties v Tunisia in Birmingham



Japan v Tonga in Fukuoka (Pacific 5 Nations)

Georgia v Barbarians (UK) RFC in Tblissi


Alterations/additions to fixture list


South Africa Amateur Team (26.05)


“Please be advised that the matches for the SA Amateur team has been rescheduled.


SA vs Senegal          10 June 2006 , Durban


SA vs Cameroon      01 July 2006 , Douala, Cameroon”


From Cliffie Booyen, SARFU



The local North Tasmanian rugby competition saw local rival clubs Burnie and competition leaders Devonport clash at the Don Recreation Ground Devonport. About a hundred of us watched a great game which saw the underdogs Burnie climb back from 0-14 at halftime to take the match 20-14.





The following international rugby match data sheets have been added to or updated in the fixtures-results list in the menu.


12 Nov. 2005 Israel v Azerbaijan (Updated)

29 April 2006 Luxembourg v Azerbaijan (New)

29 April 2006 Sweden v Austria (New)






Spain 36, Germany 10 at Campo Central de la Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid, in Madrid (WCQ Europe Rnd 3, Playoff 2nd leg)

Spain clearly outplayed Germany in this second leg playoff. Germany went into this match with a 12 point aggregate advantage thanks to their 18-6 win in Heidelberg two weeks ago. Spain’s 26 winning margin erased that lead. This now qualifies them for Round 4 of the European World Cup qualifiers next season and a place in the European Nations Cup, replacing the Ukraine.




Last Five Encounters

13.05.2006 Germany 18-6 in Heidelberg (WCQ Europe Rnd 3, Playoff 1st leg)

28.04.1998 Spain 24-9 in Hanover (WCQ Europe Pool 3, Rnd B)

24.11.1996 Spain 25-17 in Heidelberg (FIRA Classification, Pool A)

13.11.1994 Spain 29-10 in Hanover

18.03.1990 Spain (v W.Germany) 19-8 in Madrid (FIRA B2)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe –Germany 13th, Spain 14th CHANGE




Namibia 84, Kenya 12 at the Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium Windhoek (WCQ Africa. R2, Grp B; CAR Africa Cup, Grp B)

Namibia’s win was their highest score against Kenya. They are now well on the way to join South Africa at the 2007 Rugby World Cup.


Previous Encounters

17.09.2004 Namibia 65-7 in Windhoek (CAR Div.1, Pool C)

16.08.2003 Namibia 32-10 in Nairobi (CAR Div.1, Pool B)

07.07.1993 Namibia 60-9 in Nairobi (WCQ Africa)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Namibia 5th, Kenya 6th







May 31, 2006



The national rugby team begins preparations for the next World Cup qualifier match against Tunisia after losing 12-84 to Namibia on May 27 in Windhoek, Namibia.


Kenya will be a much stronger side with all the players available. The team returned on Monday morning and have barely one week before playing Tunisia on June 10 in Nairobi.


Team manager Wangila Simiyu admitted Namibia won fair and square. “They left nothing to chance and called the bulk of their professional players,” he noted.


Simiyu added they left behind three key players – Derrick Wamalwa, Collins Injere and Victor Sudi – who could have made a big difference. Kenya was unable to deal with the awesome Namibian forwards. This is where the game was won as they kept the ball tight.


There was a flicker of brilliance by Kenya when they ran the ball twice and scored through Oscar Osir and Dan Weku. The Namibian coach Johan Venter was worried about the pace on the Kenyan team following the inclusion of world class seven-a-side players.


There was so much firepower in the Namibian side despite missing some key players like flanker Schalk van der Merwe, second row Jassie Genis and two backs – Jurie Booysen and Elrich Jansen.


Kees Lensing, a formidable prop who has just been signed by South African side the Sharks captained the side. Lensing, who formerly played for the South African provincial side the Blue Bulls and Leeds in Europe, is now contracted for three years with the Sharks in South Africa.


The coach also called up second row Heino Senekal who plies his trade with Cardiff in Wales and number eight Jacques Burger who turns out for Griqualand West in South Africa.


Familiar names on the Namibia line up were Herman Lintvelt (flanker), Du Preez Grobler, Corne Powell (centres), Sean Furter (number 8), Morne Schreuder (flyhalf) and Melrick Africa (wing) who also play for the sevens team. The blend opened way for youngsters Michael McKenzie, Eugene Jantjies, Ryan Witbooi and Roger Thompson.


Burger has been twice named man of the match during the Vodacom Cup series.

Released by KRFU Media and Communications


Morocco v Uganda in Casablanca (WCQ Africa. R2, Grp A; CAR Africa Cup, Grp A) to 4 June


Cameroun v South Africa XV in Doula (CAR Africa Cup, Pool C) to 1 July


Russia 53, Ukraine 12 at Spartak Stadium, in Kiev (European Nations Cup)

This was an easy win for Russia. Poor Ukraine have nor measured up in this level of international rugby. One wonders how Spain will fare next season.


Previous Encounters

11.06.2005 Russia 72-0 in Moscow (European Nations Cup)

18.09.1999 Russia 71-5 in Krasnoyarsk (FIRA B)

08.05.1999 Russia 43-13 in Penza (FIRA Pool E)

02.12.1997 Russia 57-33 (WCQ Europe Pool 1, Rnd B)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Russia 10th, Ukraine 12th




Russia squad

Vlad Korshunov (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Alexander Khrokin (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Ivan Prishipenko (Enisey-STM)

Vladimir Marchenko (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Sergey Popov (Slava)

Alexander Voitov (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Alexey Panasenko (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Artem Phatakhov (Enisey-STM)

Sergey Novoselov (Enisey-STM)

Kirill Kushnarev (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Alexander Shakirov (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Andrey Garbuzov (Krasniy Yar)

Yaroslav Rechnev (Enisey-STM)

Alexey Korobeynikov (Enisey-STM)

Andrey Kuzin (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Sergey Trishin (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Pavel Novikov (Enisey-STM)

Alexandr Gvosdovskiy (Krasniy Yar)

Igor Kluchnikov (VVA-Podmoskovje)

Igor Kurashov (Slava)

Dmitriy Zubarev (Enisey-STM)

Alexandr Rechnev (Enisey-STM)


Coach: Johanes Gruenewald with translation from ‘nnu’ FIRA-AER Forum.


Ukraine unavailable


Lithuania 23, Hungary 17 in Budapest (FIRA-AER Division 3B)

Lithuania’s win places them into a virtual final with Armenia next weekend. Armenia is unbeaten in all its rugby matches so far in its short international rugby history. Armenia is on 9 points and Lithuania 7 so Lithuania must win to top the table and move to Division 3A next season.


Previous Encounters

20.10.2001 Hungary 26-16 in Szazhalombatta (FIRA B, Pool B)

31.05.1997 Hungary 16-3 in Szazhalombatta (WCQ Europe, Pool 3, Rnd A)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Hungary 31st, Lithuania 33rd CHANGE


Finland 27, Greece 0 in Helsinki (FIRA-AER Division 3D)

Previous Encounter

14.05.2006 Finland 17-12 in Athens (FIRA-AER Div. 3D)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Finland 38th, Greece 39th



The following countries have had their international lists updated. See alphabetical listing at the top of this page.


Andorra   Azerbaijan   Bermuda   Bosnia   Canada XV   Cayman Islands   Israel   Lithuania   Slovenia


Sweden and Norway’s files have not been updated due to technical difficulties.



The following countries have had their international lists updated. See alphabetical listing at the top of this page.


Arabian Gulf   Armenia   Bulgaria   China   Georgia   Hungary   Korea   Luxembourg   Netherlands   Spain   Sri Lanka   Switzerland   Ukraine




Because of family commitments coverage of fixtures this weekend will be limited.



Portugal 18, Czech Republic 10 in Prague (European Nations Cup)

Portugal has no chance of regaining their 2004-06 European Nations Cup title. This match is about playing for pride and for positioning for later 2007 Rugby World Cup qualifying matches.




Czech Republic

15. Jan Rohlík (St. Nazaire, France)

14. Martin Jágr (Toulon, France)

13. Pavel Vokrouhlík (Sparta Praha)

12. Jaroslav Tomčík (Havířov)

11. Michal Schlanger (Petrovice)

10. Martin Snídal (Vyškov)

9. Pavel Syrový (Praga )

8. Jan Žíla (Tatra Smíchov)

7. Ladislav Vondrášek (Esher RFC, England)

6. Patrik Leroch (Havířov)

5. Jan Macháček (Slavia Praha)

4. Němeček Miroslav (Bordeaux- Begles, France)

3. Pavel Šťastný (Lombez Samatan, France)

2. Jan Oswald (Tatra Smíchov)

1. Jiří Skall (Sparta Praha)



16. Jan Sluka (Petrovice)

17. Jan, Benda (Sparta Praha)

18. Jan Kubálek (Říčany)

19. Vlastimil Madry (Praga)

20. Vítězslav Dosedla (Dragon Brno)

21. Martin Pekárek (Říčany)

22. Václav Jursík (Sparta Praha)


Czech Republic (Squad)

Gonçalo Alpoim

Rodrigo Aguiar (AEIS Agronomia)

Mata Pereira

Lourenço Andrade (Os Belenenses)

Marcello D'Orey (CD Univ. Porto)

Luís Pissarra (AEIS Agronomia)

Gonçalo Malheiro (CD Univ. Porto)

António Aguilar (G.D.Direito)

Pedro Carvalho (G.D.Direito)

Diogo Mateus (Os Belenenses)

João Diogo Mota (G.D.Direito)

Frederico Sousa (G.D.Direito)

Cardoso Pinto (AEIS Agronomia)

José Pinto (Lazio)

Vasco Uva (G.D.Direito)

Paulo Murinello (CD Univ. Lisbon)

Diogo Coutinho (G.D.Direito)

Gonçalo Uva (G.D.Direito)

David Penalva (Os Belenenses)

Cristian Spachuk (Os Belenenses)

Joaquim Ferreira (CD Univ. Porto)

Rui Cordeiro (AA Coimbra)


Miguel Portela, Pedro Leal and João Correia are injured.


Thanks to ‘Quentin’ at FIRA-AER Forum, and


Latvia 18, Austria 7 in Riga (FIRA-AER Division 3A)

Latvia gains promotion to Division 2 for 2006-07. Austria is relegated to Division 3B.




Latvia Squad

Janis Skuja (RC Miesnieki)

Edgars Lobānovs ('Jenisej' Krasnojarsk, Russia)

Guntis Cirša (RC Remus)

Edgars Cīrulis (RC Miesnieki)

Leno Bramanis (RC Miesnieki)


Vilmars Sokolovs (RC Miesnieki)

Edvars Puļikovskis (SK Ovals)

Maris Robežnieks (RC Miesnieki)

Aldis Augstkalns (RC Miesnieki)

Vjaceslavs Tiško (SK Ovals)

Karlis Rozentāls (SK Ovals)

Sergejs Avdejevs (SK Ovals)

Kristaps Andersons (RC Miesnieki)

Vitalijs Haleckis (SK Ovals)

Valters Raņķis (RC Miesnieki)

Jevgenijs Švačko (SK Ovals)

Aleksandrs Zimecs (SK Ovals)

Arvis Pilenieks

Kristaps Bērziņš ('Jenisej' Krasnojarsk, Russia)

Andrejs Aleksandrovs (RC Miesnieki)

Demjans Zavadskis (SK Ovals)


Coach Vladimirs Nikonovs


Philippines 18, Guam 14 in Guam (Asia Tournament)

Wild celebrations will prevail in the Philippino rugby community after this historic win in their first ever 15’s international rugby match. The Philippines become the 118th nation to join the GWC Rugby Ranking lists. This is a ranking system for all nations presently playing international rugby. The Philippines joined the Asia group of nations in 17th position but moves to 13th place after this win.


Philippines make history on Guam 20/05/06


Philippines take first international scalp


In its first full international match, the Philippines beat Guam 18–14 in the Asian Rugby Football Union/IRB sanctioned Triangular Series between Guam, the Philippines and Pakistan.


The match played in hot, humid conditions on Guam was well played, clean and hard fought.


While Guam spent the first 10 minutes camped inside the Philippines’ 22-metre line, the Philippines defence held firm.


After thirteen minutes of play and following a succession of kicks down field, the Philippines scored first with a try scored by lock forward Dean Nelson from a quick ruck 10 metres from the Guam goal-line.


Three minutes later Guam struck back with a fine try crafted by scrumhalf Steven Sablan. The try was converted by Vinson Calvo.


Right on half-time, the Philippines recycled the ball from a ruck on the Guam 22-metre line. The ball was passed well along the backline to fullback Clay Luraschi who went over for the try in the left corner. The try was not converted.


Korean referee, Kim Do Suk, blew for half-time with the Philippines leading Guam 10 – 7.


Nineteen minutes into the second half, Guam forwards were penalised for leaving their feet entering a ruck.  Philippines’ outside half Thomas Egerton kicked a penalty goal to stretch the Philippines lead by six points.


Six minutes later the Philippines scored a try from excellent support play as their forwards won possession from a ruck and lock Dean Nelson dived over for a try.


Guam fought back valiantly and were rewarded when Tevita Vuniwaqa’s try on the 36th minute was converted with an excellent kick by Jarad Quichocho.


Guam desperately pressured the Philippines in the last minutes of the game but the Philippines defence continued to hold firm with fine cover tackles. Both teams were exhausted when the referee blew the final whistle to give the Philippines a well deserved 18–14 win over Guam.




For Philippines:

Tries: Dean Nelson 2, Clay Luraschi

Pens: Thomas Egerton


For Guam:

Tries: Steven Sablan, Tevita Vuniwaqa

Cons: Vinson Calvo, Jarad Quichocho


Referee: Kim Do Suk (Korea)


By Greg David, match commissioner



China v Hong Kong in Shenyang (WCQ Asia Round 4, Division 2)

This is a crucial match for Asia qualifiers for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. A win to Hong Kong, who won easily over Sri Lanka last weekend, will see them join Japan and Korea in the November Asia qualifying tournament to be held in Colombo. China was well beaten by Sri Lanka in Colombo last month and face an up hill battle against their southern neighbours.




Hong Kong:

1 Peter Spizziri (HKFC)

2 Tom Cameron (HKFC)

3 James Wood (HKCC)

4 Ben Tibbott (Kowloon)

5 Kwok Ka Chun (DEA Tigers)

6 Andy Yuen Kin Ho (Valley)

7 Nigel Clarke (DEA Tigers)

8 Semi Iafeta (Valley)

9 Mark Wright (Loughborough University)

10 Nigel D'Acre (HKFC)

11 Andrew Chambers (HKFC)

12 Brett Forsyth (Valley)

13 Jason Going (Valley)

14 Simon Smith (Kowloon)

15 Paul Morehu (HKCC)


16 Jon Abel (DEA Tigers)

17 Simon Leung (HKCC)

18 Ho Tsz Chun, Ben (DEA Tigers)

19 Jarrad Brownlee (HKCC)

20 Rob Naylor (HKFC)

21 LIU Kwok-leung (DEA Tigers)

22 Ricky Chuek Ming Yin (HKFC)



The following countries have had their international lists updated. See alphabetical listing at the top of this page.


Cameroun   Croatia   Japan   Malta   Moldova   Poland   Senegal   Serbia-Montenegro




The following countries have had their international lists updated. See alphabetical listing at the top of this page.


Belgium   British Services   Burkino Faso   Czech Republic   Denmark   France XV   Germany  Latvia   Mali   Wales XV





‘The Guam Rugby Football Union is pleased to announce that the following players have been selected to represent Guam in the International Test match against the Philippines on May 20, 2006 at Wettengel Rugby Field in Dededo:

Leonard Calvo, Tim Wendon, Steven McManus, Junior Haro, Vern Lokeijack, Mike Rothermich, James Oelke, Brett Railey, Conrad Kerber, John Arceo, Robb Malay (Captain), Andrew Artero, Steven Sablan, Jared Quichocho, Vinson Calvo (Vice Captain), Tim Clements, Chris Sgro, Paul Claros, Eric Kelly, Edward Calvo, Paul Eustaquio, Kristian Berg ‘


Thanks to Erik Elefante


UPDATING (11.05)

The following international rugby match data sheets have been added to or updated in the fixtures-results list in the menu.


26 November 2005 Bulgaria v Slovenia (Updated)

22 April 2006 Hungary v Bulgaria (Updated)

29 April 2006 Armenia v Hungary (New)

6 May 2006 Switzerland v Austria (New)





Due to other commitments I regret that I will have only limited coverage of matches this weekend




Japan 32, Georgia 7 at Kintetsu Hanazono Rugby Stadium, in Osaka (Friendly)

On a day of records being made Japan proved too good for a Georgian side weakened by the absence of many top players.


Japanese winger Ohata scored 3 tries, the last passing Australian David Campese’s record of 64 test tries.


Georgia’s 28 year old manager Vasil Abashidze was pressed into service, coming on as a replacement, after Georgia found itself with only 20 fit players. Abashidze last played a test for Georgia in 2001.





Hong Kong 45, Sri Lanka 14 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia Round 4, Div.2)

Hong Kong took a step closer to qualifying for the 2007 Rugby World Cup with this win in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong team will travel to Beijing this week to take on China who lost 0-30 to Sri Lanka 2 weeks ago.




Bosnia 28, Azerbaijan 7 in Zenica (FIRA-AER Division 3C)


Finland 17, Greece 12 in Athens (FIRA-AER Division 3D)

Finland secured an important away win against competition debutants Greece. The Greeks travel to Helsinki at the end of May for the return clash.



Portugal 52, Ukraine 14 at Lisbon (European Nations Cup)

One thing is for certain. Well almost. Ukraine will be relegated from this competition and will join Division 2A for 2006-07. Portugal, the winner of this competition in 2004-06, will hold its place in the European Nations Cup (effectively Division 1) without threatening the leaders.


Germany 18, Spain 6 in Heidelberg (WCQ Europe Rnd 3 playoff, 1st leg)

This was an important home win for Germany in this home match giving them a 12-point advantage.


This match was the first leg of a playoff series between these two teams. The second leg is in Madrid later this month. The winner of the series will automatically qualify for the FIRA-AER European Nations Cup First Division for 2006-08, replacing Ukraine. The winner will also progress to the World Cup Qualifying Europe Round 4 to be played next season.


Review (In German)




Armenia 42, Slovenia 6 in Armenia (FIRA-AER Division 3B)

Armenia continued on its winning way and now look set to win this pool and progress to Division 3A next season.


Kenya v Uganda in Kampala (Friendly)


UPDATING (08.05)

The following international rugby match data sheets have been added to or updated in the fixtures-results list in the menu.


26 November 2005 Norway v Israel (Updated)

8 April 2006 Moldova v Poland (Updated)

6 May 2006 Norway v Luxembourg (New)

6 May 2006 Moldova v Andorra (New)







Moldova 23, Andorra 16 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Europe, Round 3, Pool A)

Moldova won by 7 points. I predicted Moldova by 12


The Moldovans were expected to win and did so.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe-Moldova 18th, Andorra 21st


Preview (In Catalan I think)




Switzerland 17, Austria 3 in Vienna (FIRA-AER Division 3A)

Switzerland won by 14 points. I predicted Switzerland by 8


Switzerland’s win virtually assures its place in Division A next season. Austria meanwhile remains winless and certain to be relegated to Division B.


Surprisingly these two neighbours have only met twice before.


Previous Encounters

19.06.1999 Switzerland 31-26 in Vienna (Friendly)

24.05.1997 Switzerland 31-3 in Basle (WCQ Europe, Pool 1, Round 1)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe-Switzerland 24th, Austria 28th



Swiss seniors head to Austria needing victory (Press release)


May 4, 2006 – The Switzerland national team leave for Vienna on Friday for a must-win encounter with Austria in their final European Nations Cup – Division 3A match on Saturday.


Switzerland are fourth in the five-team table with one victory from three matches just ahead of Austria who have lost their first two opening matches. A win on Saturday would guarantee that Switzerland would avoid the wooden spoon.


Switzerland lost their most recent match 35-3 in Sweden last month after playing most of the game with 14 men. Previously they had beaten Denmark 8-7 and lost to Latvia 42-6. Austria have lost to Denmark and Sweden but have a game still to play after the Switzerland game against Latvia.


“It was disappointing to lose to Sweden but it’s difficult to play with 14 men at this level,” Switzerland coach Patrice Philippe said. “But we will build on that game and we are looking forward to a good performance in Vienna on Saturday. We’re slowly building a good squad of players and improving with every game.”


If Switzerland, who have dropped seven positions to be ranked 51st in the world after the loss to Sweden, beat Austria they will jump to third place in the division, just ahead of Denmark (one win and three defeats). A loss, however, will see them contest fifth place (with Denmark and possibly Austria) on points differential, which is currently not in Switzerland’s favour.



Pierre Dubost (Chambery), Betten Schelte (Zürich), Gregoire Witz (Zürich) Alfredo Burgener (Basel), Francis Booth (Gloucester), Yohann Mazza (Hermance), Pedro Dubois (Nyon), Clemens Geiges (Zürich), Steven Lazarus (Basel), Ramiro Dip (Zurich), Grégoire Lereche (Yverdon), Arnaud Vincent (La Seyne), Urs Zimmerli (Zürich), Josh Ray (Basel), Benjamin Martin (Geneve), Célien Mundler (Geneve), Iain Mowat (Hermance), Mathieu Guyou-Kreis (Racing), Jean-Claude Porte (Nyon), Gary De Graf (Zürich), Jonathan Matile (Yverdon), Arnaud Blaszczyk (Geneve), Olivier Dumerliat (Hermance)


For further information visit


Thanks to Richard Baker, Swiss RFU 




Slovenia 22, Lithuania 0 in Ljubliana (FIRA-AER Division 3B)

Slovenia won by 22 points. I predicted Lithuania by 16.


This result is a major upset and reversal of form. Lithuania travelled to Ljubliana with 12 new caps. Armenia is now the favourite to take this competition.


These two teams have met only once before. In November 2000, playing in the first round of the European section of the 2003 Rugby World Cup qualifiers, the result was a 19-19 draw.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe-Slovenia 31st, Lithuania 32nd




Slovenia Squad

Luka Arko (RK Ljubljana)

Matjaž Brlan (RK Ljubljana)

David Cerar Olimpija Ljubljana)

Dejan Djukič (RK Ljubljana)

Goran Djuratovič (RK Ljubljana)

Peter Gobec  (Lille, France)

Tit Hočevar (Oxford Harlequins, England)

David Horvat (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Izidor Javornik (RK Ljubljana)

Jelenčič (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Peter Kavčič (RK Ljubljana)

Nace Kirn (RK Ljubljana)

Grega Kosanovič (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Darko Krajnc(RK Ljubljana)

Aljaž Kralj (RK Ljubljana)

Žarko Krsmanovič (RK Ljubljana)

Miroslav Lazič (RK Ljubljana)

Andrej Ložar (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Urban Magušar (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Uroš Mikič (RK Ljubljana)

Luka Miklič (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Dejan Mrak (Lille, France)

Luka Potnik (Olimpija Ljubljana)

Jošt Slapničar (RK Ljubljana)

Damjan Volavšek (RK Ljubljana)

Urban Volavšek (RK Ljubljana)

Borut Završan (Olimpija Ljubljana)


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Lithuania team not available


Norway 25, Luxembourg 8 at Stade Boy Konen, in Cessange (FIRA-AER Division 3C)

Norway won by 17 points. I predicted Luxembourg by 8.


This result is the second upset of the weekend. It puts Norway in as firm favourites to progress to Division B next season.


Previous Encounters

23.09.2000 Luxembourg 41-9 in Oslo (FIRA Pool 2, WCQ Euro. Rnd 1)

15.04.2000 Luxembourg 78-12 in Cessange (FIRA Div. 3D)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe-Luxembourg 29th, Norway 34th CHANGE




Israel 42, Bosnia 0 at Wingate Institute, Netanya (FIRA-AER Division 3C)

Israel won by 42 points. I predicted Israel by 12.


This match was not the even contest I predicted.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe-Israel 34th, Bosnia 37th





Adis Karabegovic

Adin Trako

Anes Smriko

Semir Ajanovic

Sanjin Turalic

Ibrahim Smajlovic

Ermin Musinovic

Kenan Uzunovic

Jug Poljac

Adnan Halilovic

Sedad Tufekcic

Latif Beso

Nermin Selimbegovic

Adis Selimspahic

Edin Muratovic

Albin Kapic

Mensur Uzunovic

Sabahudin Subasic

Senad Tabakovic

Mirza Oruc

Edin Hrapovic

Damir Dzanic

Benjamin Kapic

Coach: Mirsad Kapic                                 

Leader of Delegation: Serif Patkovic  


Thanks to Mirza Kapic, Bosnia RFU 



1. Elia Belkin (Ashkelon)

2. Raanan Vaknin (Ashkelon)                                   

3. Miron Stiglitz (Tel Aviv)

4. Ofir Hamburger (Yizreel)

5. Alexander Veclov (Ashkelon)                                

6. Mordy Radashkovich (Tel Aviv)                         

7. Gilad Goldstein (Raanana)

8. Nimrod Kaplan (Yizreel)                                   

9. Hanan Gamburg (Ashkelon)                                  

10. Amir Beutler (Yizreel)                                      

11. Leon Pinsky (Ashkelon)l

12. Albert Peysahov (Ashkelon)                                   

13. Dmitri Droizen (Tel Aviv)                                     

14. Sean Kantor (Raanana)                                        

15. Stav Gortovoy (Tel Aviv)                                      

16. Omri Lotan (Tel Aviv)                                           

17. Oren Hrodherst (Yizreel)                                   

18. Ran Nahmajas (Yizreel)                                       

19. Adi Schluss (Yizreel)                                           

20. Ori Valdman (Netanya)

21. Rami Vaknin (Ashkelon)                                            

22. Gil Taylor (Raanana)


Thanks to Cyril Morris, Israel Rugby Union  



Korea 20, Arabian Gulf 5 in Al Ain (WCQ Asia Round 4, Div.1)

Korea won by 15 points. I predicted Korea by 18


Korea has moved to the next stage of Rugby World Cup qualification with this win in Al Ain. “The Arabian Gulf's ambitious attempt at qualifying for the 2007 rugby World Cup is over after suffering a disappointing 20-5 defeat against Korea here last night.”

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This was the first time these two teams had met.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Korea 2nd, Arabian Gulf 7th-No change





Kim, Tae Hyung  (Korea Electric Power Cooperation)

Lee, Jang Woo (Korea Electric Power Cooperation)                 

Yoon, Sung Woon (POCOS)                                  

Park, Seonkyu (Korea Electric Power Cooperation)                   

Shin, Yongcheol (Yonsei University)

Jo, Sung Woo (POCOS)     

Jung, Songgun (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)

Han, Kunkyu (POCOS)        

Yang, Young Hun (Dae Shim Tong Sang)

Oh, Youn Hyung (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)                

Yun, Hi Su (POCOS)                       

Kim, Jongsu   (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)        

Kim, Sung Soo (Korea Electric Power Cooperation)                  

Lee, Gyudeuk  (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)      

Kim, Keunhyun (Dae Shim Tong Sang)                

Park, Sungku  (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)       

Heo, Woong (Yonsei University)    

Cho, Chul Hyung (POCOS)            

Park, Yong Don (POCOS)  

Ahn, Seng Hyuk (Dae Shim Tong Sang)               

Yoon, Taeil (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)

Yoo, Minhyung (Korea Armed Force Athletic Corps)      


Thanks to Yong-seok,Jeong, Korea Rugby Union


Arabian Gulf

15 Rob Subbiani (Bahrain RFC)

14 Amir Mohamed (Dubai Dragons RFC)

13 Paul Austin Dubai (Dragons RFC)

12 Stephan Sphor (Abu Dhabi RFC)

11 Wayne Esslemont (Dubai Exiles RFC)

10 Stephen Cooper (Dubai Exiles RFC)

9 Gareth Allum (Muscat RFC)

1 Ronan Murray (Dubai Dragons RFC)

2 Vivia Albertyn (Dubai Dragons RFC)

3 Mark Gathercole (Dubai Exiles RFC)

4 Chris Pardon (Bahrain RFC)

5 Mick Zaicek (Dubai Dragons RFC)

6 Eben Rollitt (Dubai Exiles RFC)

7 Andrew McFarlane (Dubai Dragons RFC)

8 David Clark (captain) (Abu Dhabi RFC)



Mike Riley (Dubai Exiles RFC)

Rory Power (Bahrain RFC)

Will Wood (Dubai Dragons RFC)

John Ombler (Abu Dhabi RFC)

Francois Coetzer (Dubai Exiles RFC)

Sebastian Mouchet (Dubai Dragons RFC)

Sean Hurley (Dubai Dragons RFC)


Thanks to Steve Hill, Arabian Gulf RFU