MAY 2005


Web sites I recommend this month A very new web site that covers the players from the European Nation Cup teams (as well as Spain and Germany), their clubs, their movements and their form. A unique approach to the international game. This web site, in Swedish, is very well set out and easy to find your way around. Because I’m usually after data and stats not knowing Swedish is not a barrier. This is the web site that keeps Lithuanians up to scratch with world rugby. Alfredas puts in a lot of work and this site is always up to date.

Good data as well. This is the latest international rugby web site covering the game in Laos. This nation has returned to the international family after a gap since 1975. A very well set out site with all things stats set up ready for their first international rugby match v Cambodia later this month.


Updated 31.05.2005


Latest Results


Canada 15, Japan 10 in Tokyo (Super Cup Final)

United States 28, Romania 22 in Tokyo (Super Cup Playoff 3rd/4th)



Malta 28, Denmark 18 in Marsa (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 2nd leg)

Andorra 30, Sweden 20 in Foix (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 1st leg)

Senegal 22, Zambia 14 in Dakar (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A final, 1st leg)

St Lucia 36, St Vincent & Gr. 25 in St Lucia (WCQ America’s Rnd A, South Preliminary)



Japan 23, Romania 16 in Tokyo (Super Cup)

Canada 30. United States 26 in Toyko (Super Cup)



British & Irish Lions 25, Argentina 25 in Cardiff



Korea 56, Hong Kong 3 in Hong Kong (WC Asia Qualifying Div.1)

Macau 46, Cambodia 7 in Hong Kong (Friendly)



Denmark 12, Malta 3 in Copenhagen (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 1st leg)

Kenya 37, Tunisia 15 in Nairobi (CAR Division 1, Pool C)



Arabian Gulf 30, China-Taipei 26 in Bahrain (WC Asia Qualifying Div.2)



Japan 50, Korea 31 in Seoul (Asia Qualifying Div.1)

Argentina XV 27, Uruguay 21 in Buenos Aires (Sth America Championship)



Netherlands 51,Lithuania 11 in Klaipeda (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)



Uruguay 34, Chile 25 (Sth. America Championship)


Coming Up



Fiji v New Zealand Maoris in Suva



United States v Wales at Hartford

Russia v Portugal in Krasnoyarsk (European Nations Cup)

Sweden v Andorra in Vänersborg (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Playoff 2nd leg)

Armenia v Israel in ? (FIRA-AER Division 3)

Senegal v Zambia in Lusaka (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A final, 2nd leg)

Thailand v Sri Lanka in Bangkok (WCQ Asia Qualification, Div.3A)

India v Kazakhstan in Mumbai (WCQ Asia Qualification, Div.3B)



Romania v Scotland in Bucharest

Jamaica v Bermuda in Nassau (WCQ America Rnd A, Caribbean North)

Bahamas v Cayman Islands in Nassau (WCQ America Rnd A, Caribbean North)



Kazakhstan v Malaysia in Mumbai (WCQ Asia Qualification, Div.3B)

Bermuda v Bahamas in Nassau (WCQ America Rnd A, Caribbean North)

Jamaica v Cayman Islands in Nassau (WCQ America Rnd A, Caribbean North)


Additional Matches Ahead or Match Changes as per my Fixture List


Georgia v Czech Republic. Date changed to 12 June, not 11 June and venue is Kutaisi


Italy to play 2 tests against Argentina in Buenos Aires on 11 & 17 June, prior to their test against Australia in Melbourne, 25 June



WCQ Africa Rnd 1B, Pool A-Winner of Zambia/Senegal, Zimbabwe, Cote D’Ivorie


Zambia or Senegal v Zimbabwe in Harare



Cote d’Ivorie v Zambia or Senegal in TBC



Zimbabwe v Cote d’Ivory in Abidjan


Unfortunately I cannot show you previous news pages on the archives (from November 2004) due to technical difficulties.




·        USA v Romania match details (01.06)

·        Senegal v Zambia match details (01.06)

·        St Vincent v St Lucia match report, referee & point scorers (06.06)

·        St Vincent starting line up & replacements (08.06)



Canada 15, Japan 10 in Tokyo (Super Cup Final)

Canada won by 5 points. I predicted Japan by 7

This match is a repeat of the 2004 Superpowers cup final. Japan took the trophy winning 34-21.


Japan has not fared well against stronger opposition this year. They allowed the Koreans to push them around in Seoul and defeated a weakened Romanian side last Wednesday. They have an excellent record against Canada and rise to the occasion whenever they play in Tokyo.


Last Five Encounters

30.05.2004 Japan 34-21 in Tokyo (Superpowers Cup)

08.07.2001 Japan 39-7 in Tokyo (Pacific Rim, playoff 3rd/4th)

15.07.2000 Canada 62-18 in Toronto (Pacific Rim)

01.05.1999 Japan 23-21 in Tokyo (Pacific Rim)

21.06.1998 Canada 34-25 in Vancouver (Pacific Rim)


GWC Rankings: World Table-Japan 10th, Canada 15th - CHANGE






15. Derek Daypuck (Castaway-Wanderers), 14. Quentin Fyffe (Calgary-Irish), 13. Dean Van Camp (Aurora Barbarians), 12. Matt King (Balmy Beach), 11. Brodie Henderson (Bay of Plenty, N.Z), 10. Ryan Smith (Brampton Beavers), 9. Matt Weingart (Pacific Pride), 8. Stan McKeen (Pacific Pride), 7. Mark Lawson, Capt. (Velox-Valhallians), 6. Mike Webb (Swilers), 5. Oliver Atkinson (Aurora Barbarians), 4. Luke Tait (Swansea-Neath, Wales), 3. Forrest Gainer (Trinity University, Ireland), 2. Aaron Abrams (Castaway-Wanderers), 1. Dan Pletch (Oakville Crusaders).

Replacements: 16. Kevin Tkachuk (Glasgow Warriors, Scotland), 17. Garth Cooke (Benevento, Italy), 18. Sean O’Leary (Meralomas), 19. Aaron Carpenter (Brantford Harlequins), 20. Kevin Parfrey (Swilers), 21. Pat Fleck (Meralomas), 22  Ed Fairhurst (University of Victoria),

Coach: Ric Suggitt


Match preview here at


United States 28, Romania 22 in Tokyo (Super Cup Playoff 3rd/4th) HT 18-14

United States won by 6 points. I predicted Romania by 7


The USA took third place in the Super Cup tournament winning over Romania. After building up a good lead the USA tired in the second half and allowed the Romanians to score the last try.


Fly half Mike Hercus became the top point scorer in USA test rugby with his try. He now has 290 points. New caps for USA were Doug Rowe and Mike Hobson



GWC Rankings: World Table-Romania 11th, USA 20th – CHANGE


Point scorers



Tries: Fee, Hercus, Palefau

Conversions: Viljoen (2)

Penalty goals: Viljoen (3)



Tries: Teodorescu, Oprisor

Penalty goals: Dumbrava (3)




United States

15 Francois Viljoen (Wahington); 14 Mike Palefau (Univ. of Southern Utah), 13 Paul Emerick (Amatori), 12 Albert Tuipulotu (San Mateo), 11 David Fee (Back Bay); 10 Mike Hercus (Sale, England), 9 Mose Timoteo (Hayward Griffins) [20 Doug Rowe (Denver Barbarians)]; 8 Kort Schubert, Capt. (Cardiff Blues, Wales), 7 Todd Clever (Mahurangi, New Zealand), 6 Andrew Ryland (New York Athletic Club) [19 Fifita Mo'unga (San Fernando Valley)], 5 Mike Mangan (Chicago Griffins), 4 James Lik (New York Manhattan), 3 Chris Osentowski (Belmont Shore), 2 Mark Griffin(Old Blue) [16 Mike Hobson (Air Force Academy)], 1 Mike MacDonald (Golden Gate).

Reserves not used: 17 Mike French (OMBAC), 18 Brian Schoener (Seattle), 21 Matt Sherman (Golden Gate), 22 Scott Jones (Chicargo Lions).

Coach: Tom Billups


Match preview here at




15. Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucuresti), 14. Stefan Dumitru (Steaua Bucuresti),  13. Gabriel Brezoianu Capt.,(Dax, France), 12. Darie Curea (Steaua Bucuresti), 11. Ioan Teodorescu (University Cluj) [22. Dan Vlad], 10. Ionut Tofan (Metro Racing, France) [21. Cristian Sauan (Rovigo, Italy)]  , 9. Lucian Sirbu (Metro Racing, France), 7. Marian Tudori (Perigueux, France),  8. Cosmin Radiu [18. Bogdan Balan (Bordeaux Begles, France)], 6. Florin Corodeanu (Grenoble, France),  5. Cristian Petre (Tarbes, France), 4. George Oprisor (Perpignan, France), 3. Marcel Socaciu (Rovigo, Italy) [16. Paulica Ioan (Steaua Bucuresti)], 2. Razvan Mavrodin (Tarbes, France) [17. Bogdan Zebega (Steaua Bucuresti)],  1. Petrisor Toderasc (Oyonnax, France),

Reserve not used: 20. Iulian Andrei (Steaua Bucuresti),

Coach: Daniel Santamans


Referee: Pierre Drolet (Canada)


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Match review here at


Last Five Encounters

09.10.1999 Romania 27-25 in Belfast (World Cup, Pool E)

17.09.1988 United States 17-7 in Moscow

10.05.1924 United States 37-0 in Paris (Olympic Games)



Malta 28, Denmark 18 in Marsa (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 2nd leg)

Malta won by 10 points. I predicted Denmark by 5


Denmark just pushed past Malta 12-3 in the first leg clash last weekend. Malta could surprise playing at home. This is a huge match for Malta. They need to win by more than 9 points to take one of the last two places available for round 3.


Injuries and unavailability of key players will weaken the Malta side. David Gasan and Rohan Spiteri are out injured while Nick Warren, Adam Magro, Martin Godfrey and Dean Zammit are unavailable again.


For a match preview try


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Denmark 21st, Malta 22nd- Change




Malta Squad

C. Von Moll, O. Sacco, M. Cuschieri, D. Busuttil, J. Caruana, P. Marzella, J. Dimond, J. Sultana, M. Mirabelli, S. Kempster (Capt), D. Grima, C. Vassallo, C. Diamantino, L. Watts, R. Bonavia, T. Webb, M. Mallia, J. Ramage, I. Borda, S. Worthington, D. St George, S. Haycock.


Andorra 30, Sweden 20 in Foix (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 1st leg)

Andorra won by 10 points. I predicted Sweden by 10.


Previous Encounters

02.11.1996 Andorra 21-20 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Euro. Pool 3, Rnd A)

11.09.1993 Sweden 25-6 in Nassjo (FIRA B1)


Round 2 lead up Results


Andorra (In Pool A)

V Norway won 76-3 (Rnd 1)

V Norway Won 23-9 (Rnd 1)

V Hungary Won 29-16

V Croatia Lost 7-18

V Spain Lost 14-36

V Slovenia Won 38-5


Sweden (in Pool C)

V Latvia won 20-18

V Lithuania Won 32-20

V Netherlands lost 17-24

V Belgium Lost 7-36


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Sweden 19th, Andorra 27th - CHANGE




Sweden Squad

David Ray (Stockholm Exiles RFC)

Anders Jansson (Stockholm Exiles RFC)

Ivar Bengtsson (Stockholm Exiles RFC)

Björn Sjögren (Stockholm Exiles RFC)

Daniel Lag (Uppsala RFC)

Kanogo Njuru (Hammarby IF Rugby)

Fredrik Casselhag (Hammarby IF Rugby)

Alan Letele (Vänersborgs RK)

Mike Tatu (Vänersborgs RK)

Erik Wikström (Vänersborgs RK)

Hannes Eriksson (Vänersborgs RK)

Andreas Bruhn (Göteborgs RK)

Robin Wallster (Göteborgs RK)

Christoffer Lundell (Göteborgs RK)

Nico Parmelund (Göteborgs RK)

Henning Ekstrand (Göteborgs RK)

Jan-Olov Johansson (Spartacus RUFC)

Robert Kantmark (Malmö RC)

Mattias Björkebäck (Malmö RC)

Sebastian Taylor (Haberdasher Old boys, England)

Alexander Taylor (Bracknell RFC, England)

Andrew Saunders (Richmond RFC, England)


Thanks to and Quentin from the FIRA-AER forum.



15 Josep Magallon, 14 Roger Fité, 13 Maxim Taurinyà, 12 David Astrié, 11 Esteve Pérez, 10 Cristian Pons, 9 Pep Pou, 8 Paul Alieu, 7 Tomas Kampfraat, 6 David Kirikashvili, 5 Roger Font, 4 Peter Lucas, 3 Ramiro Iglesias, 2 Iosef Tchelidze, 1 Xavier Vilasetrú, (Reserves not available)

Coach: Bruce Hemara    


Thanks to and Quentin from the FIRA-AER forum.




Senegal 22, Zambia 14 in Dakar (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A final, 1st leg) HT 13-14

Senegal won by 8 points. I predicted Senegal by 25


The "Chipolopolo" of Zambia outscored the "Lions" of Senegal by 3 tries to 1 but lost this match because of their poor goal kicking and their inability to hold the Senegalese forwards in the second half.


Steve Sarges dominated the kicking duel with his opposite Andrew Kaminsa in the first half. The speedy and aggressive Zambians outplayed their hosts in this first half pouncing on the many Senegalese handling error.Sarges kept the Senegalese in touch with his accurate gaol kicking.


The Senegalese forwards took control in the second half and overall the hosts reduced their handling errors thus effectively shutting the Zambians down scoreless.


The Senegalese go into the second leg match next weekend in Lusaka with an 8 point advantage. This will be a closely contested match.


A number of IRB dignitaries were present to watch this match. They included Mr Syd Millar, President of the IRB, Mr. Abdelaziz Bougja, Chairman of CAR , Mr Greg Thomas, Director of Communication, IRB and Mr. Jean-Luc Barthes, director of the Africa Development for the IRB.


This was the first time these two teams had met.


Point scorers



Try: Corréa

Conversion: Sargos

Penalty goals: Sargos (4)

Dropped goal: Sargos



Tries: Armengol (2), Nyondo

Conversions: Kaminsa (2)



15 Djibril Diarra (Viry-Chatillon, France), 14 Tao Mendy (Castelsarrasin, France), 13 Mohamadou Diarra (Pau, France), 12 Biram-Victor Samb (No affiliation), 11 Youssouf Dramé (Stade Français, France), 10 Steeve Sargos (Oyonnax, France), 9 Demba Diouf (St-Junien, France), [Moussa Cissé (Bobigny, France)], 8 Yogane Corréa (Albi, France), 7 Hamet Sy (Paris-Puc, France), 6 Gabriel Seck (Martigues, France), 5 Magnamé Koita (Béziers, France), 4 Papa Ahmadou Mbow (Caïmans) [Grégory Pelaprat (Albi, France)], 3 Ababacar Diongue  [Assane Dièye (Jambars)],

2 Florentinou Gomis (Le Las, France), 1 Carlos Mendy (SMUC Marseille, France),

Replacements not used (TBC): Souleymane Samba (Malemort-Brive, France),

Louny Preira (Mantes-la-Jolie, France), Alioune Konté (Caïmans), Gora Samb (Caïmans), Moustapha Camara (Jambars), Mamadou Pouye (Gignac-Marignane, France)

Coach: Jean-Marc Foucras



15 Chancey Mulama (Diggers) [Norman Sibanda], 14 Andrew Kaminsa (Powerhouse), 13 Richard Kapoma (Buffaloes), 12 Lawrence Njovu (Diggers), 11 Owen Busenge (Raiders, South Africa), 10 Alex Mwila (Diggers), 9 Ronnel Armando (Diggers), 8 Armitage Nyondo (Diggers), 7 Longa Chikwamo (Diggers), 6 Happy Chipili (Diggers), 5 Chipo Mubagwe, (Buffaloes) [Chiluba Kangwa (Nchanga)], 4 Tom Mweemba (Chibuluma), 3 Chris Chileshe (Diggers), 2 Owen Mhango (Nchanga), 1 John Kambaenda (Diggers).

Replacements not used (TBC): Grey Phiri (Arrows), Langford Kashinka (Arrows), Anthony Kalengo (Green Eagles), Mumba Mufumbwe (Ndola Wanderers), Ronald Chishimba (Ndola Wanderers), Darren Young (Wits University, South Africa),

Kaminsa Musonda (England based).

Coach: Davies Mubanga


 Thanks to, kalumiana kalumiana and Quentin from the FIRA-AER forum


Match report here in French



St Lucia 36, St Vincent & Grenadines 25 at Olympic Stadium at Vieux Fort, St Lucia (WCQ America’s Rnd A, South Preliminary)

HT 17-17




St. Vincent lose to St. Lucia 36- 25 in thrilling 2007 World Cup Qualifier.


In an exciting encounter St. Vincent and St. Lucia were locked together at 17 points to 17 at half time in the Olympic Stadium at Vieux Fort on Saturday afternoon. The heavier St. Lucia pack comprehensively outplayed SVG and the highly talented Vincy backs had only scraps of possession to feed off.


Nonetheless, the Vincy boys made the most of their chances- especially in the first half, and despite going down by 12 points to zero within 15 minutes to two push over tries by “Slim” Herbert and a conversion by Colvis Samuels, they fought back with tries by Andre John and Recardo Dallaway. Phillip Alvis converted to level the scores at 12-12.


The game then swung further St. Vincent’s way with a trademark break by Anizo Lewis, playing his first game at full back. However, Emanuel Bastien soon countered with another forwards try just for St. Lucia.


In the second half, St. Lucia sought to capitalise on their forward strength with yet another try by no.3 “Slim” Herbert. But again the Vincy boys bounced back with a spectacular score after Anizo Lewis kicked ahead and gathered at speed before passing in a diving movement for West Indies Sevens speedster Hollis Green to score.

Then once again “Slim” Herbert forced his way over for his fourth try of the match. Samuels converted for St. Lucia to move them into a comfortable lead. Another try (which Samuels converted) by forward Bertrand Jean sealed the game for St. Lucia. Then in the dying seconds of the match, after some inspired forwards play by SVG, Phillip Alvis kicked a consolation penalty for SVG.


Despite impressive performances by Captain Phillip Alvis, scrum half Osbeck O’ Brien, Recardo Dallaway, Hollis Green and Anizo Lewis; St. Lucia ran out worthy winners by 36 points to 25. They will now go forward to the West Indies South Competition to be held in August in Guyana. They will then face Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana in a four- team round robin contest. The winners of West Indies South will then play the winners of the West Indies North competition (Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands) later in the year.


For St. Vincent there is much to ponder on. This game will serve as a welcome wake up call, and convince all members of the club that they have to get serious if they are to compete. They have strengths in the backs, but not the forwards for the 15 a side game.   And yet to obtain the respect of fellow Caribbean nations, they need to compete at the 15 a side game. The club structure in SVG is still evolving with two clubs already established. But there is an urgent need to generate internal competition through the schools programme. In practical terms concentrating on the ten a side formula will be the way ahead in the near future for internal competition. And their new coach, England under 19 player Mitchell Hulme who is also an RFU rugby ambassador should be able to make a major contribution to injecting discipline and fitness into our forward play.


On July 16th, the senior team will be returning to St. Lucia to play in the St.
Lucia tens competition and then an Under 19 team will be competing in the NAWIRA under 18’s competition to select the team to represent the West Indies in the RWC under 19’s tournament in 2006.  


Point Scorers


St Lucia

Tries: Herbert (4), Bastien, Jean

Conversions: Samuels (3)


St Vincent

Tries:John, Dallaway, Lewis, Green

Conversion: Alvis

Penalty Goal: Alvis




St. Vincent

15 Anizo Lewis (Central Sharks), 14 Jimmy Peters (Windward Pirates), 13 Orlando Ollivere (Windward Pirates), 12 Randy Browne (Central Sharks), 11 Andrew Phillips (Central Sharks) [20 Seymour Browne (Central Sharks)], 10 Recardo Dallaway (Central Sharks), 9 Osbeck O' Brien (Central Sharks) [16 Larson Lewis (Central Sharks)], 8 Phillip Alvis (Windward Pirates), 7 Andre John (Windward Pirates), 6 Shem Ellis (Windward Pirates), 5 Zan Andrews (Windward Pirates) [18 Desmond Ollivere (Windward Pirates)], 4  Anthony John (Windward Pirates), 3 Guy Hadley (Windward Pirates), 2 Dane King (Windward Pirates), 1 Anthony Joseph (Windward Pirates).

Reserves not used: 17 Hollis Green (Windward Pirates), 19 Roderick Dick (Windward Pirates), 21 Justin Tittle (Central Sharks), 22 Selroy Mars (Windward Pirates).

Coach: Kelly Glass (Ex South Island, New Zealand)


Referee: Anthony Pontiflette (Trinidad and Tobago)


Previous Encounters

2003 St Vincent won two matches played on successive days, 43-38 and 50-34. These results have not been confirmed yet as official tests.


Thanks to John Townend, President, St Vincent & Grenadines RFU

Following St Lucia's win v St Vincent last Saturday, St Lucia will join Trinidad-Tobago, Barbados and Guyana in Guyana for a 4 team qualifying tournament in August. The winner will play the winner of the North Zone tournament (see above)


This is a huge job going back to fixtures in March.

The following nations have had their data base list of test matches updated.

See alphabetical listings at top



Arabian Gulf


Argentina XV






British Isles





More to come!


Azerbaijan will be uploaded once we can make a data entry on the web site




MID-WEEK 23 – 25 MAY



Japan 23, Romania 16 in Tokyo (Super Cup)

Japan won by 7 points. I predicted Romania by 12


GWC Rankings: World Table-Romania 10th, Japan 14th - CHANGE


Point scorers



Tries: Ohata (2)

Conversions: Morita (2)

Penalty goals: Morita (2)

Dropped goal: Morita



Try: Brezoianu

Conversion: Curea

Penalty goals: Dumbrava (3)





15 Goshi Tachikawa (Toshiba Fuchu), 14 Hiroki Mizuno (Toyota Motor Co.), 13 Daisuke Ohata (Kobe Steel), 12 Yukio Motoki (Kobe Steel), 11 Hirotoki Onozawa (Suntory), 10 Kyohei Morita (Hosei University), 9 Takashi Tsuji (NEC), 8 Takuro Miuchi, Capt. (NEC), 7 Yasunori Watanabe (Toshiba Fuchu), 6 Hare Makiri (Fukuoka), 5 Jamie Washington (Unaffiliated), 4 Takanori Kumage (NEC), 3 Ryo Yamamura (Yamaha Motor), 2 Ken Tsukagoshi (Toshiba Fuchu), 1 Shigeyasu Takagi (Yamaha Motor)

Replacements: 16 Masakazu Nakabayashi (Yamaha Motor), 17 Kenji Kasai (Toshiba Fuchu), 18 Ryouta Asano (NEC), 19 Takeomi Ito, 20 Shota Goto (Waseda University), 21 Katoni Otukolo (Saitama Institute Technology), 22 Ayumu Goromaru (Waseda University).

Coach: Mitsutake Hagimoto


Thanks to



15 Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucuresti),14 Bogdan Voicu, 13 Cristian Sauan (Rovigo, Italy), 12 Gabriel Brezoianu, Capt. (Dax, France), 11 Ioan Teodorescu (University Cluj), 10 Darie Curea (Steaua Bucuresti), 9 Lucian Sirbu (Metro Racing, France), 7 Alexandru Tudori (Perigueux), 8 Cosmin Ratiu, 6 Florin Corodeanu (Grenoble, France), 5 Cornel Tatu (Steaua Bucuresti),  4 Cristian Petre (Tarbes, France), 3 Marcel Socaciu (Rovigo, Italy), 2 Razvan Mavrodin (Tarbes, France), 1 Petrisor Toderasc (Oyonnax),

Replacements: 16 Bogdan Zebega (Steaua Bucuresti), 17 Paulica Ion (Steaua Bucuresti), 18 Bogdan Balan (Bordeaux Begles, France), 19 George Oprisor (Perpignan), 20 Iulian Andrei (Steaua Bucuresti), 21 Ionut Tofan (Metro Racing, France), 22 Vasile Ghioc (Dinamo Bucuresti).



Thanks to and Quentin at FIRA-AER forum



Canada 30, United States 26 in Tokyo (Super Cup)

Canada won by 4 points. I predicted Canada by 25


GWC Rankings: World Table-Canada 15th, USA 20th

                            Nth America Table-Canada 1st, USA 2nd


Prediction: Canada by 25 points



British & Irish Lions 25, Argentina 25 in Cardiff

Match drawn. I prediction the Lions to win by 12 points


The British and Irish Lions received an early wake up call from a second-string Argentina side in Cardiff. The Lions were lucky to escape with a draw.


The result reflects both the early frailty of this combined side that is about to undertake a famous and most arduous tour of New Zealand, and the enormous depth that we can now see in the rugby of Argentina.


Point scorers



Try: Smith

Conversion: Wilkinson

Penalty goals: Wilkinson (6)



Try: Piossek

Conversion: Todeschini

Penalty goals: Todeschini 6





15 Bernardo Stortoni (Bristol,England), 14 Jose Nunez Piossek (Castres, France), 13 Lisandro Arbizu (Bayonne, France), 12 Felipe Contepomi, Capt. (Leinster, Ireland), 11 Francisco Leonelli (La Tablada), 10 Federico Todeschini (Beziers, France), 9 Nicolas Fernandez Miranda (Hindu), 8 Juan Manuel Leguizamon (SIC), 7 Martin Schusterman (Plymouth, England), 6 Federico Genoud (Los Tordos), 5 Mariano Sambucetti (Brive, France), 4 Pablo Bouza (Duendes), 3 Mauricio Reggiardo (Castres), 2 Mario Ledesma (Castres), 1 Federico Mendez (Mendoza).

Replacements: 16 Eusebio Guiñazu (Mendoza), 17 Leopoldo de Chazal (Universidad de Tucuman), 18 Manuel Carizza (Jockey Club Rosario), 19 Santiago Sanz (CASI), 20 Lucio Lopez Fleming (SIC), 21 Francisco Bosch (Hindu), 22 Federico Serra (SIC). 




For those of you who can remember the days of touring teams you will enjoy this article.





·        Referee added Denmark v Malta (23.05)



Arabian Gulf 30, China-Taipei 26 in Bahrain (WC Asia Qual. Div.2)



Denmark 12, Malta 3 in Copenhagen (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2 playoff, 1st leg)

Denmark won by 9 points. I predicted Denmark by 7.


This match heralds the start of the World Cup European playoff Qualifiers. Andorra and Sweden are the other 3rd place qualifiers. Two of the teams will head into round 3 along with first and second place getters Spain, Croatia, Germany, Moldova, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Serbia-Montenegro.


These two teams have not played each other before.


GWC Ranking: Europe Table-Malta 21st, Denmark 26th - Change





1. Shane Jacklyn (Brantford Harlequins, England) 2 tests

2. Michael Bransholm, (Frederiksberg RK), 42

3. Søren Brobyskov, (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg), 14

4. Jonas Haaning, (Frederiksberg RK),13

5. Jens Aage Skare Nielsen, (Frederiksberg RK), 22

6. Kevin Steel(Holluf Pile-Tjornberg), 23

7. Reuben Paniora, (Aarhus RK), 9

8. Mikael Lai Rasmussen, kaptajn, (Aarhus RK), 42

9. Matthew Delany, (Frederiksberg RK), 4

10. Regan Sue, (Pro Recco), 15

11. René T. Kristensen, (Aarhus RK), 9

12. Jan Andersen, (Frederiksberg RK), 52

13. Shaun O'Donnell, (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg),11

14. Jesper G. Jensen, (Lindø), 10

15. Morten Rune Nielsen, (Frederiksberg RK), 49


16. Kasper Vad Pedersen, (Frederiksberg RK), 7

17. Thomas Thiede, (Hundested RK), 14

18. Jesper Jakobsen, (Frederiksberg RK), 2

19. Morten Jørgensen, (Erritsø), 8

20. Dodji Hounou, (RK Speed), 3

21. Dominick Wilson, (Frederiksberg RK), 2

22. Tom Karlebo, (Frederiksberg RK), 2

Coach: Douglas Langley


Thanks to


Malta Squad

Joe Sultana, Charlie Von Moll, Dominic Busuttil, Mark Cuschieri, Jamie Caruana, Paul Marzella, Ryan Robson, Matthew Mirabelli, John Dimond, Steve Haycock, Robert Bonavia, Martin Godfrey, Steve Kempster, Daniel Grima, Chris Vassallo, Luke Watts, Tom Webb, Martin Mallia, Ian Borda, Jason Ramage, Steve Worthington, Dominic St George.


Referee: M.Verhoest (Belgium)


Thanks to


Kenya 37, Tunisia 15 at Rugby Football Union of East Africa ground, in Nairobi (CAR Division 1, Pool C) HT 6-15

Kenya won by 22 points. I predicted Tunisia by 14


“Former Kenya seven-a-side captain Oscar Osir scored two tries as Kenya convincingly beat Tunisia 37-15 yesterday in an African Rugby Confederation Top Nine competition at the Rugby Football Union of East Africa ground- report by Eric Odanga of the Nation news paper

The winger who now plies his trade in the United Kingdom for Newlyn and Penzance Pirates silenced critics who said he was over the hill after being dropped from the Sevens team. Coach Thomas Odundo called in Osir with barely two days before the match and he did not disappoint.

Osir crossed the line in the 72nd minute after a searing run by Ian Simiyu who quickly took a penalty inside his 25. He nearly covered the whole length of the pitch before unloading the ball to his former captain at club and national team level to score underthe posts. Moses Kola, the national team and Impala captain converted.

The second try was a brilliant solo effort in which Osir weaved his way through the Tunisia backs to touch down under the posts for substitute Tito Oduk to convert.

Also crossing the line twice was Nondescripts winger Dan Weku. He led the resurgence after Kenya trailed 6-15 at half time. Playing on the left wing, Weku tookonly one minute on resumption to score after a good run by Osir. Wekhu from scored another try  in the 43rd minute.

It was Tunisia who started strongly. Fly-half Lofti Ben Msallem stroked over a penalty in the second minute which rattled the hosts. They then took charge, dictated turning over valuable possession and beating Kenya to the gain line.

The Kenya captain, Moses Kola levelled in the 14th minute with a penalty. For the best part of this half, Kenya only made sporadic raids on the North Africans territory. The Kenyan backrow was unable to handle Tunisian number eight Bleigh Houij Bouhlet and scrum-half Mohamed Ali Naouali. This was also helped by poor handling by Kenyan backs.

It was no surprise when Naouali who is a key member of the Tunisia Sevens team slipped over the line in the 24th minute after a big drive by the forwards. Six minutes later, a well-worked try by left winger Abbes Kherfani after France-based centre Pierrik Gaillard punched through silenced the big crowd at the RFUEA ground. Gaillard kept a cool head and converted for Tunisia to lead 15-3.

Just before the break, Kola narrowed the gap 15-6 with another penalty. It was in the second half when Kenya exploded to score five tries. Pascal Wetukha who replaced John-Allan Namu made his presence felt scoring a try in the 65th minute.

Luck was also on Kenya’s side when Tunisia coach Mohamed Sahraoui made a tactical substitution taking off the whole of his front row. This meant all the scrum-downs could not be contested, explained referee Ojambo.

With a weakened pack, Kenya sucked in the Tunisians and spread the ball wide to the backs who had enough room to run. When Tunisia substitute Mohamed Ali Kochlef was given a yellow card for stamping on Kenya hooker Frank Ndong’, the gaps opened.

Sahraoui admitted defeat saying it was a tall order after jetting in on Friday morning. "Kenya played as a team and showed some individual brilliance. They were very quick," he said. The former Tunisia fly-half who engineered the 54-5 defeat of Kenya in 1997 said he wished the two countries could play more friendly matches.

Thomas Odundo, the Kenya coach admitted Kenya started slowly in the first half. "It took sometime to get the rhythm going and our backs were a bit tense," he admitted. Michael Aung, the Nondescripts lock was named the most valuable player.

Kenya awaits Madagascar for the Rugby World Cup qualifier on July 11 in Nairobi before travelling to Uganda on June 23.”

From an email from Paul Sigombe, CAR

Tunisia fielded only two players who played against Morocco a few weeks ago.

This was the third match in this pool. Morocco had already defeated Tunisia 10-3 and Kenya 29-3 to win this pool.


Previous Encounter

20.09.1997 Tunisia 52-5 in Tunis (WCQ Africa Rnd B)


GWC Ranking: Africa Table-Tunisia 4th, Kenya 8th - Change


Point scorers



Tries: Weku (3), Osir (2), Wetukha

Conversions: Kola, Oduk

Penalty goals: Kola



Tries: Naouali, Kherfani

Conversion: Gaillard

Penalty goal: Naouali

Dropped goal: M’Sallem





15 Sean Omondi [22 Eric Situma], 14 Oscar Osir, 13 Ian Simiyu, 12 Paul Sadat,

11 Dan Weku [21 Tito Oduk], 10 Peter Ocholla, 9 Moses Kola (Captain) [20 Jude Thumbi], 8 John Allan Namu [19 Pascal Wetukha], 7 Anthony Ogot, 6 Enois Otieno, 5 Michael Aung, 4 Edwin Kinyany, 3 Derrick Wamalwa, 2 Frank Ndong’[16 Edwin Alubaka], 1 Joel Ng’ang’a [17 Frankline Amiani],

Replacement not used: 18 Paul Murunga

Coach: Thomas Odundo



15 Sabeur Ben Charrada, 14 Talel Cherif [22 Nasredine Hammami], 13 Mohammed Zied Halaili, 12 Pierrik Gaillard, 11 Abbes Kherfani, 10 Lofti Ben M’Sallem, 9 Mohammed Ali Naouali, 8 Beligh Houij Bouhlel [20 Ahmed Guerbj], 7 Mohamed Yousri Sougir, 6 Heithem Chelli, 5 Slah Blagui, 4 Mohammed Ben Hamida [19 Amor Hamdi Nezgar], 3 Mokhtar Guetari [18 Mohamed Ali Kochlef], 2 Seifeddine Hammami [16 Imed Fhal], 1 Wahid Karoui. [17 Mejdi Guirat]

Coach: Mohamed Sahraoui.


Thanks to via Quentin FIRA-AER forum & Paul Sigombe, CAR


Referee: Paul Steven Ojambo (Uganda)

Crowd: 2,000



Korea 56, Hong Kong 3 in Hong Kong (WC Asia Qualifying Div.1)

Korea won by 53 points. I predicted Korea by 30.


Hong Kong and Korea are grand old foes in Asian rugby. They first met in 1972.


Hong Kong took a heavy defeat by Japan 3-91 two weeks ago. They need to defeat Korea to stay in division 1 for 2006 when the serious World Cup qualifiers begin.


Following the introduction of the Pacific Rim Tournament Hong Kong were able to more than hold their own against the Koreans. Since the end of that tournament, Hong Kong is not the force they used to be.


“[Hong Kong] coach Torpey leads his Hong Kong troops into battle for the final time this season when they face the mighty Koreans this Sunday in the "Sportsperformance/Devil's Advocate Festival of International Rugby" at Hong Kong Football Club. Hong Kong haven't defeated Korea since 1998, and in their last outing two weeks ago went down 91-3 to a powerful Japanese team, but Torpey remains upbeat about the coming challenge; "The players learnt a lot from Japan, and are looking forward to testing themselves again," said the Coach, "We're putting out an exciting mix of experience and youth, who will be eager to show their paces in front of the home crowd," but they will all need to be at their best chasing down the flying Koreans who Torpey expects to play an expansive game. The Hong Kong side will be led once more by nuggety Valley centre Brett Forsyth, whose hardened defensive skills will be crucial if Hong Kong are to score an upset.”

From Robbie McRobbie, Hong Kong RFU newsletter



Last Five Encounters

20.11.2002 Korea 40-17 in Bangkok (18th Asia Championship, Div.1)

28.06.2000 Korea 36-34 in Aomori (17th Asia Championship, Div.1)

27.10.1998 Hong Kong 20-11 in Singapore (WCQ Asia Rnd C; 16th Asia Ch. Sect.A)

07.11.1996 Korea 19-15 in Taipei (15th Asia Championship)

1996 Korea 46-8 in ? (Friendly)


GWC Rankings: Asia Table-Korea 2nd, Hong Kong 3rd


Prediction: Korea by 30 points




Hong Kong Squad (to be chosen from):

Pete Spizzirri, Tom Cameron, James Wood, Chung Chun-sang, Leung Ming-hong, Lachlin Miller, Danny O'Connor, Paul Gaffney, Andy Randall, Kwok Ka-chun, Brian O'Hara, Andy Yuen, Rob Naylor, LI Cheuk-yin, David Wigley, Liu Kwok-leung, Chan Fuk-ping, Brett Forsyth, Lusiano Afeaki, Jason Going, Alex Zenovic, Paul Morehu, Tsang Hing-hung

Coach: Ian Topley

From Robbie McRobbie, Hong Kong RFU newsletter



Macau v Cambodia in Hong Kong (Friendly)

The curtain raiser between Hong Kong and Korea will feature a friendly between two new Asian teams. Macau played and unofficial test against Pakistan during last years Asian Rugby Football Tournament played in Hong Kong, winning 55-3. That result should give Macau some favouritism against Cambodia who will be playing its first ever match.


“The Hong Kong game will be preceded by an International Exhibition game between Macau and Cambodia at 4.30pm, and a Hong Kong Women's International Trial Match at 3.00pm to choose the squad to compete in the 2006 Women's World Cup Qualifiers this June in Thailand. For the Cambodians this game will mark their first venture overseas, and a milestone in their remarkable development story which has seen Khmer rugby rise in four short years from the rubbish dumps of Phnom Penh to winning the prestigious IRB Development Award in 2003.  This is also a big day for Macau, whose only previous international outing was a convincing win over Pakistan in an exhibition match at last October's Asian Tournament held in Hong Kong - the ongoing spirit and determination of this team is all the more remarkable as there is currently not a single rugby pitch in Macau on which they can train or play!”

From Robbie McRobbie, Hong Kong RFU newsletter


 Prediction: Macau by 20 points.


African Leopards to make history - SA Under-23 the first opponents (22.05)


Thursday May 19 2005

An email from Ntiense Williams, Nigeria RFU


The Confederation of African Rugby (CAR), the IRB's regional association in

Africa, on Thursday announced the establishment of the first ever pan-African representative rugby team, the African Leopards.


"The concept was devised by CAR as part of its development programme for the

game in Africa," said CAR President, Abdelaziz Bougja. "History will be made at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on July 23 when the African Leopards play their first ever match against South Africa Under-23. "This is an important step forward as Africa is one of the most exciting areas of growth for rugby and every African player will aspire to becoming a Leopard. This pan-African team will capture the imagination of the rugby world and it is envisaged that the African Leopards will play regularly throughout Africa and worldwide," he added.


IRB Chairman Syd Millar described it as a "very exciting initiative", as it will provide Africa's top players with an added incentive to develop their skills and the opportunity to play rugby at the highest level. "The African Leopards will also play an important role in promoting African rugby," Millar said.


This initiative follows the establishment by CAR of two regional competitions in 2002 - the Top 10 competition for the first level of teams in Africa and the Super 16 for the second level. The African Leopards will be selected from players within the national

Teams in both competitions. The African Leopards versus South Africa Under-23 will

take place on July 23 as the curtain-raiser to the Mandela Cup Test between South Africa and Australia. Brian van Rooyen, President of the South African Rugby

Union, believes this historic encounter is a watershed in the development of the game in Africa. "We are very much part and parcel of the development process of African rugby," he said. "We welcome this great initiative and are confident that this match will contribute greatly towards raising awareness of rugby on the greater continent."




·        Argentina v Uruguay all details (16.05)

·        Argentina v Uruguay amended score & details



Netherlands 51, Lithuania 11 in Klaipeda (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Netherlands won by 40 points. I predicted Netherlands by 30.


This is the first time these two teams have played each other.





15 Gerard Viguurs (Castricumse RC), 14 Edgar de la Hoz (Castricumse RC),

13 Jerker Grader (RC `t Gooi), 12 Joe Hutana (Castricumse RC), 11 Rigo Hoencamp (Haagsche RC), 10 Bart Viguurs (Castricumse RC), 9 Chris Williams (ASRV Ascrum), 8 Benjamin Mast (Haagsche RC), 7 Derk Tazelaar (Haagsche RC), 6 Gavin Roberts (Castricumse RC), 5 Remco Donkers (RC Eemland), 4 Tim Schumacher (LRC DIOK), 3 Wesley Mulder (Castricumse RC), 2 Lister Kire (Castricumse RC), 1 Allard Jonkers (RC `t Gooi),

Replacements: 16 Joost Puijpe (Amstelveen RC 1890),17 Dirk Willems (Haagsche RC),18 Timo de Groot (RC `t Gooi),19 Mark Springer (Amstelveen RC 1890),

20 Silvester Ramaker (RC Delft), 21 Derk Jan Haasters Castricumse RC, 22 Ian van der Werf (Haagsche RC).

Coach: Alex O’Dowd


Thanks to Piet van den Deijssel, Netherlands team manager.


Lithuania – Not available



Japan 50, Korea 31 in Seoul

Japan won by 19 points. I predicted Korea by 3


Japan and Korea have a long rugby history going back to the 1960’s. Japan has always dominated with the Koreans occasionally ambushing their foes from across the Sea of Japan.


Last year the Koreans nearly created a major upset when they drew 19-19 with the full Japanese side in Tokyo. Japan made amends later in the year with their development side but be prepared for the Koreans to spring one upon them. We hear very little about the Koreans. They will be a young side made up mainly of students or from the armed services. Their main aim since 2002 is to qualifying ahead of Japan for the 2007 World Cup.


Last five encounters

31.10.2004 Japan XV 29-0 in Hong Kong (19th ARFT Final)

16.05.2004 Japan Drawn 19-19 in Tokyo (Asia Tournament)

15.06.2003 Japan 86-3 in Osaka (Friendly)

23.11.2002 Japan XV 20-22 in Bangkok (18th Asia Champ. Div.1 Final)

13.10.2002 Japan 34-45 in Pusan (Asia Games-Gold/silver medals)


GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Japan 14th, Korea 19th

                                         Asia Table-Japan 1st, Korea 2nd


Prediction: Korea by 3 points


Teams-Neither available


Argentina XV 27, Uruguay 21 in Buenos Aires (Sth America Championship

Argentina XV won by 6 points. I predicted Argentina XV by 40.


Point scorers


Argentina XV

Tries: Higgs (2), Galindo, Fessia, Berberian

Conversion: Graco



Tries: Peyrou (2)

Conversion: Dugonjis

Penalty goals: Dugonjis (3)




Argentina XV

15. Román Miralles, 14. Fernando Higgs 13. Horacio San Martín [Conrado López Alonso], 12. Javier Irazusta, 11. Juan Martín Berberian, 10. Gastón Graco, 9. Nicolás Vergallo, 8. Genaro Fessia, 7. Alvaro Galindo, 6. Javier Belloto (cap.), 5. Jaime Arocena, 4. Nicolás Carizza, 3. Bruno Cuezzo, 2. Agustín Costa Repetto, 1. Gastón De Robertis [Facundo Borelli].

Coaches: Ricardo Imhoff & José Luis Crivelli



15. Alfredo Delgado. 14. Ivo Dugonjis, 13. Joaquín Pastore, 12. Hilario Canessa,

11. Carlos Baldasarri, 10. Agustín Pereira, 9. Sebastián Ramos, 8. Ignacio Conti (cap.), 7. Gonzalo Peyrou, 6. Luis Ara  [Carlos Protasi], 5. Rafael Alvarez, 4. Juan Alzueta, 3. Diego Silveira, 2. Juan Pérez, 1. Diego Bertacci,

Coach: Ricardo Covella


Last five encounters

28.04.2004 Argentina 69-10 in Santiago (25th S.American Champ. Div.A)

27.08.2003 Argentina 57-0 in Buenos Aires (Pan American Tournament)

03.05.2003 Argentina 32-0 in Montevideo (24th S.America Champ. Div.A)

27.04.2002 Argentina XV 35-21 in Mendoza (23rd S.America Champ. Div.A)

24.11.2001 Argentina XV 63-9 in ? (22nd S.America Champ. Div.A)


Thanks to








Austria 11, Luxembourg 9 in Cessange (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Austria won by 2 points. I predicted Austria by 15.





15 Loic Hervè, 14 Janick D'Angelo, 13 Ruadrhi Guilfoyle, 12 Jonathan Harris, 11 Nigel Sharplin, 10 Gilles Caviglia, 9 Patrick Wagner, 8 Gavin Belton, 7 Alex Van Zeeland, 6 Willy Lafaysse, 5 Andy Thompson, 4 Jonathan Flynn, 3 Arnaud Tribellini, 2 Zelito Neves dos Santos, 1 Paul Sullivan,

Replacements: 16 Christophe Hoffmann, 17 Steve Special, 18 Enda Horan, 19 Denis Laloy, 20 Denis Harty, 21 Pierre Husson, 21 Tony Whiteman.


Thanks to Bernard Jargeac, Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Rugby


Previous Encounters

08.05.2004 Luxembourg 19-18 in Vienna (FIRA-AER Div.3, Pool B)

10.05.2003 Luxembourg 25-14 in Cessange (FIRA-AER Div.3, Pool B)

12.05.2001 Austria 77-0 in Vienna (FIRA Pool 2, WCQ Euro. Rnd 1)


Netherlands 48, Latvia 10 in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Netherlands won by 38 points. I predicted Netherlands by 35.





15 Gerard Viguurs (Castricumse RC), 14 Edgar de la Hoz (Castricumse RC),

13 Jerker Grader (RC `t Gooi), 12 Joe Hutana (Castricumse RC), 11 Rigo Hoencamp (Haagsche RC), 10 Bart Viguurs (Castricumse RC), 9 Chris Williams (ASRV Ascrum), 8 Benjamin Mast (Haagsche RC), 7 Derk Tazelaar (Haagsche RC), 6 Gavin Roberts (Castricumse RC), 5 Remco Donkers (RC Eemland), 4 Tim Schumacher (LRC DIOK), 3 Wesley Mulder (Castricumse RC),1 Allard Jonkers (RC `t Gooi),

2 Lister Kire (Castricumse RC),

Replacements: 16 Joost Puijpe (Amstelveen RC 1890),17 Dirk Willems (Haagsche RC),18 Timo de Groot (RC `t Gooi),19 Mark Springer (Amstelveen RC 1890),

20 Silvester Ramaker (RC Delft), 21 Piet Hein Schram (RC `t Gooi), 22 Ian van der Werf (Haagsche RC).


Thanks to Piet van den Deijssel, Netherlands rugby team manager.


Poland 18, Serbia-Montenegro 11 in Lodz (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pl D)

Poland won by 7 points. I predicted Poland by 14.


These two teams proceed to the next round despite this match. They are both at the top of their pool.


Previous Encounters

18.10.1970 Poland 19-15 (v Yugoslavia) in Sisak

05.04.1970 Yugoslavia 12-9 in Smed. Palanka


Morocco 29, Kenya 3 in Casablanca (CAR Div.1, Pool C)

Morocco won by 26 points. I predicted Morocco by 18.


These two teams had never played before.


The Teams


Kenya Squad

Joel Nganga (Kenya Harlequin),

Frank Ndong (Impala),

Mike Aung (Nondescripts),

Derrick Wamalwa (Kenya Commercial Bank),

Edwin Alubaka (Kenya Commercial Bank),

Edward Kinyany (Kenya Harlequin),

Franklyn Amiani (Kenya Commercial Bank),

Paul Oimbo (Impala),

Enos Otieno (Nakuru),

Paul Murunga (unattached),

Moses Kola (Impala),

Anthony Ogot (Kenya Commercial Bank),

John-Allan Namu (Nondescripts),

Jude Thumbi (Quins),

Peter Ocholla (Impala),

Paul Sadat (Mean Machine),

Dan Wekhu (Nondescripts),

Reuben Kisaka (Kenya Commercial Bank),

Innocent Simiyu (Impala),

Tito Oduk (Kenya Harlequin),

Sean Omondi (Kenya Harlequin), 

Erick Situma (Impala).


Thanks to The Nation via and to ‘Quentin’ FIRA-AER forum


Norway 44, Finland 14 in Bergen (FIRA-AER Div.3)

Norway won by 30 points. I predicted Norway by 7.





15 Mikko Jarvi (Jyväskylä RC), 14 Joakim Grader De Groo’te (Netherlands),

13 Thomas Finell (Warriors Helsinki RC), 12 Mikko Luopio, Capt. (Tampere RC),

11 Lasse Sariola (Tampere RC), 10 Jaakko Vilen (Warriors Helsinki RC), 9 Andrew Clutterbuck (Helsinki RC), 8 Jonathan Price (Torquay, England), 7 Tuomo Kilponen (Jyväskylä RC), 6 Carl Pancutt (Loughborough Univ, England), 5 Andras Devenyi (Helsinki RC), 4 Gordon Fellows (Old Wesley’s, England), 3 Mikael Holmstrom (Helsinki RC), 2 Heikki Kylmaniemi (Tampere RC), 1 Sebastien Garcia (Helsinki RC), 


16 Tommi Vahajylkka (Jyväskylä RC), 17 Mikko Somiska (Jyväskylä RC), 18 Henri Tyrvainen (Jyväskylä RC), 19 Sami Sarkki (Tampere RC), 20 Miika Heikkinen (Lahti RC), 21 Ilkka Pietila (Oyus RC), 22. Lauri Ylonen (Warriors Helsinki RC).

Coach: Andrew Bannatyne


Average age of the squad is 24.6 yrs.

New caps are: S Garcia, G Fellows, C Pancutt, S Sarkki, M Heikkinen, I Pietila.


Thanks to



Samir Sayed-Ahmed (Bergen RC),

Jonathan Bruns (Oslo RC)

Lewis Eaton (Stavanger RC)

Alex Wilson (England)

Karl Frisch (Bergen RC)

Eivind Lunde (Stavanger RC)

Stein Ove Kristensen (Trondheim RC)

Stian Røstberg (Bergen RC)

Derek Johnson (Bergen RC)

David Hume (Bergen RC)

Erik Lund (England)

William Wilson (Bergen RC)

Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RC)

Hanro van Wyk (Bergen RC)

Hamish Esplin (Bergen RC)

Tommy Vassnes (Bergen RC)

Roger Yttervik (Tønsberg RC)

Francis Hunt (Oslo RC)

Andrei Hanger (England)

Shelton Davies (Horten RC)

Christian Dahl (Bergen RC)

Guillaume Lescoffit (Trondheim RC)

Coach: Paul Winson


Thanks to


Last Five Encounters

05.06.2004 Norway 54-7 in Beauvais, Fr. (FIRA-AER Div.3, Pool C, Playoff 3rd/4th)

29.09.2001 Norway 37-3 in Oslo (Friendly)

29.09.1991 Finland 18-3 in Karlstad (Nordic Cup)

29.09.1990 Norway 34-3 in Toijala (Nordic Cup)

01.10.1989 Norway 85-6 in Oslo (Nordic Cup)



Armenia 47, Israel 15 in Erevan (FIRA-AER Div.3)

Armenia won by 32 points. I predicted Armenia by 35.


These two teams had never played before.



Japan v Hong Kong in Tokyo (WC Asia Classifying, Div. 1)

Last Five Encounters

28.10.2004 Japan XV 40-12 in Hong Kong (19th Asia Rugby Tournament, Pool A)

19.10.2003 Japan XV 90-5 in Fukuoka (Asia Tournament, Pool A)

17.11.2002 Japan XV 29-15 in Bangkok (18th Asia Championship, Div.1)

25.06.2000 Japan XV 75-0 in Aomori (17th Asia Championship)

31.10.1998 Japan 47-7 in Singapore (WCQ Asia Rnd C, 14th Asia Champ. Sect.A)


GWC Rankings: Asia Table-Japan 1st, Hong Kong 3rd


Prediction: Japan by 50 points


Argentina XV v Chile (Sth America Championship, Div.A)

Prediction: Argentina XV by 7 points