APRIL 2005


Web sites I recommend this month Web site for Spanish Rugby Federation. In Spanish. Excellent coverage. Web site for governing body for continental Europe. This site has a much-improved coverage of the game re stats and data but they have still much to do. Their data on all matches they are responsible for is patchy. Worth a look. Web site for the governing body of World rugby. This is another huge rugby organization that is beginning to improve its information and services. Web site (in German) for rugby in Germany. An excellent site covering the game at all levels in that nation. Good data on the national team. A very new web site that covers the players from the European Nation Cup teams (as well as Spain and Germany), their clubs, their movements and their form. A unique approach to the international game. This web site, in Swedish, is very well set out and easy to find your way around. Because I’m usually after data and stats not knowing Swedish is not a barrier. This is the web site that keeps Lithuanians up to scratch with world rugby. Alfredas puts in a lot of work and this site is always up to date.

Good data as well.


Updated 03.05.2005


Latest Results


Andorra 38, Slovenia 5 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool A)

Austria 19, Moldova 17 in Vienna (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Belgium 36, Sweden 7 in Stockholm (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Latvia 19, Lithuania 12 in Riga (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

China 22, Chinese Taipei 19 in Kunming (WCQ Asia Qualifying/Classifying Div.2)

Azerbaijan 11, Bosnia 8 in Baku (FIRA-AER Division 3, Pool C)



Argentina 68, Japan 36 in Buenos Aires

Croatia 44, Hungary 15 in Budapest (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool A)

Germany 69, Austria 9 in Vienna (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Netherlands 24, Sweden 17 in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Poland 49, Bulgaria 10 in Sofia (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D)

Morocco 10, Tunisia 3 in Tunis (CAR Division 1, Pool C)

Botswana 19, Swaziland 12 in Gaborone (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A South)



Uruguay 24, Japan 18 in Montevideo

Moldova 55, Luxembourg 6 in Chisinau (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Belgium 15, Netherlands 10 in Vice (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Malta 23, Bulgaria 15 in Sofia (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D)

Cameroun 18, Nigeria 8 in Lagos (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A, North)

Bosnia 36, Azerbaijan 17 in Zenica (FIRA-AER Div.3)


Previously unrecorded results


Costa Rica 60, Panama 0 (Thanks to ‘Seahorse’)



Trinidad-Tobago 47, Martinique 25 in Port of Spain (Thanks to ‘seahorse’)



Mexico 23, Costa Rica 6 (Thanks to ‘Seahorse’)


Coming Up


Luxembourg v Austria in Cessange (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Netherlands v Latvia in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Poland v Serbia-Montenegro in Lodz (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D)

Zambia v Senegal in TBC (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A Final, first leg)

Morocco v Kenya in Casablanca (CAR Div.1, Pool C)

Norway v Finland in TBA (FIRA-AER Div.3)

Israel v Armenia in TBA (FIRA-AER Div.3)



Japan v Hong Kong in Tokyo (WC Asia Classifying, Div. 1)





Andorra 38, Slovenia 5 in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool A) HT 14-5

Andorra won by 33 points. I predicted Andorra by 3.


On a warm day high up in the mountains that divide Spain and France, Andorra, with only one club, came of age with this resounding win over the visiting Slovenia side. It wasn’t the win that surprised rather the margin. Slovenia had held pool leader Spain to a 26-26 draw a few weeks ago and was expected to win.


Here is an edited note from Peter Kavčič, Slovenia RFU.


I'll write you a few words about Slovenian rugby. I saw you have noticed [on my web site] that there were just 19 players from Slovenia to play against Andorra.

In Slovenia we have three clubs of which one has dominated since Slovenia became an independent state. Players who play for Slovenia are almost all from Slovenian no.1 club RK Ljubljana. There are maybe one or two from other clubs.  So if some players from Ljubljana are injured we don't have replacements for them, because there are not any other players who can play international rugby (in Slovenia there are maybe 30 players who takes rugby seriously). For the Andorra game we had 6 injuries in the team, so we had problems making a team.

So if we have no problems with injures we are quite a good team, capable of beating any team, but as soon as one or two players are missing we are a totally different team.

Three Slovenian teams are playing in Inter league with teams from Croatia and Bosnia. There are three rounds left and Ljubljana is at the top of the table at the moment.”


Fair enough.


This match had no bearing upon the outcome of Pool A. Spain and Croatia will go through to the third round regardless of this result.





15 Matjaž Brlan (RK Ljubljana), 14 Luka Arko (RK Ljubljana), 13 Dejan Mrak (RK Ljubljana) [19 Damjan Ahačič (RK Ljubljana)] , 12 Uroš Mikič (RK Ljubljana), 11 Marko Gumzej (RK Ljubljana) [18 Klemen Slavec (RK Ljubljana)], 10 Urban Volavšek (RK Ljubljana), 9 Urban Magušar (RFC Bežigrad), 8 Tit Hočevar (London Welsh, England), 7 Damjan Volavšek (RK Ljubljana), 6 Žarko Krsmanovič (RK Ljubljana), 5 Peter Gobec (RK Ljubljana) [17 Nikola Popadič (RK Ljubljana)], 4 Marko Maslakovič (RK Ljubljana), 3 Miroslav Lazic (RK Ljubljana), 2 Jošt Slapnicar (RK Ljubljana), 1 Igor Okič (RK Ljubljana) [16 Renato Djuran (RFC Bežigrad)]


Thanks to Nikola Popadič, Slovenia RFU


Referee: M. Mourinha (Portugal)


Thanks to and Peter Kavčič, Slovenia RFU


Previous Encounters

11.11.2001 Slovenia 26-16 in Ljubljiana (FIRA Div.B, Pool A)

30.10.1999 Slovenia 16-3 in Ljubljiana (FIRA D1)

26.11.1994 Andorra 28-23 in Andorra La Vela (FIRA B3)


Austria 19, Moldova 17 in Vienna (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Austria won by 2 points. I predicted Moldova by 10.


Austria won with a dropped goal in the last seconds of the match causing one of the big upsets of the season. Moldova, with the point they would get for turning up, had already qualified and will join Germany in the next round.





15 Leonardo Schweighofer (Getxo, Spain), 14 Yeong-u Seo (Vienna Celtic RFC),

13 Patrick Handl (RC Lycee Francais), 12 Marius Johannik (RC Donau), 11 Hovik Avanesian (RC Donau), 10 Gael Mouysset (RC Lycee Francais), 9 Georg Kaiser (RC Lycee Francais), 8 Ferdinand Richter (Munich RFC, Germany), 7 Tobi Messerer (Karlsruhe RC, Germany), 6 Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau), 5 Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau), 4 Andreas Gaul, Capt. (RC Donau), 3 Nicolas Mottet (Paris University, France), 2 Gareth Briggs (Vienna Celtic RFC), 1 Phillippe Chassaing (Orleans, France),

Replacements: 16 Shervin Rafsandjani (RC Donau), 17 Christian Radda (RC Donau), 18 Willi Payer (RC Lycee Francais), 19 Florian Steinhart (RC Donau),

20 Stiig Gabriel (RC Donau), 21 M Bial (RC Lycee Francais), 22 Phillip Grausam (RC Donau).


Referee: M. Villegas (Spain)


Thanks to and Andreas Schwab, Austria RFU.


Previous Encounter

20.04.2002 Moldova 27-14 in Vienna (FIRA Div. B, Pool A)


Belgium 36, Sweden 7 in Stockholm (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Belgium won by 29 points. I predicted a draw.


This match was expected to be close. The Belgians proved superior on the day and are now set at the top of their pool. Who will join them in round three is still wide open.


This result spoilt the Swedish farewell party. Swedish players Niklas Jaraker and Mike Tatu both played their last internationals for Sweden. Jaraker, aged 39, first played for Sweden in 1986 and holds the record for most tests, 53. The record was held previously by Keri Tapper. He was a back, who played many years for Sweden, gaining his 50 tests when there were fewer tests to be played.


Mike Tatu, also 39 and from New Zealand, first played for Sweden v Russia in 1994


Article in Swedish here at





15 Alan Williams, 14 Noam Dubart [20 Simon Marote] , 13 Thibaut André, 12 Jérôme Bize [21 Dirk Haghedooren], 11 Aaron Demnati [22 Christophe Guillemot], 10 Peter Duchau, 9 Sébastien Guns, 8 Charlie Fourneau [19 Michaël Demolder],  7 Pierre Plasman Capt., 6 Nathaniel Kerre, 5 Damien Godefroy [18 Alexandre Muls], 4 Mathieu Verschelden, 3 Christophe Duret, 2 Norman Wende [17 Jérôme Wey], 1 Christophe Debaty [16 Denis Franquin].



15 Christoffer Lundell (Göteborgs RK), 14 Andreas Bruhn (Göteborgs RK) [21 Robin Wallster (Göteborgs RK)], 13 Kanogo Njuru (Hammarby IF Rugby), 12 Alexander Taylor (Bracknell RFC, England) [22 Erik Wikström (Vänersborgs RK)], 11 Andrew Saunders (Richmond RFC, England), 10 Nico Parmelund (Göteborgs RK), 9 Mike Tatu (Vänersborgs RK) [20 Robert Kantmark (Malmö RC)], 8 Sebastian Taylor, Capt. (Haberdasher Old boys, England), 7 Alan Letele (Vänersborgs RK), 6 Daniel Lag (Uppsala RFC) [16 Fredrik Casselhag (Hammarby IF Rugby)], 5 Ivar Bengtsson (Stockholm Exiles RFC) [19 Hannes Eriksson (Vänersborgs RK)], 4 Mattias Björkebäck (Malmö RC), 3 David Ray (Stockholm Exiles RFC), 2 Anders Jansson (Stockholm Exiles RFC), [18 Jan-Olov Johansson (Spartacus RUFC)]  1 Niklas Jarĺker (Enköpings RK) [17 Björn Sjögren (Stockholm Exiles RFC)].


Referee: M. Bargaunas (Roumania)


Thanks to, , and ‘Quentin’ FIRA-AER forum.


Last Five Encounters

19.10.1986 Belgium 9-0 in Brussels (FIRA B2)

10.05.1986 Sweden 12-6 in Malmo (FIRA B2)

16.10.1984 Belgium 19-3 in Brussels (FIRA B2)

24.10.1981 Sweden 15-9 in Karlstad (FIRA C)

18.10.1980 Belgium 7-0 in Enkoping (FIRA C0


Latvia 19, Lithuania 12 in Riga (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Latvia won by 7 points. I predicted Latvia by 15.


Latvia now has a possible chance of joining Belgium into round three. They will need to defeat the Netherlands away next weekend for this to happen.




Latvia Squad

Edgars Cirulis (RC Miesnieki),

Janis Skuja (RC Miesnieki),

Maris Robežnieks (RC Miesnieki),

Vilmars Sokolovs (RC Miesnieki),

Rolands Abele (RC Miesnieki),

Aldis Augstkalns (RC Miesnieki),

Tiško 'Adažu (SK Ovals),

Kristaps Andersons (RC Miesnieki),

Andrejs Aleksandrovs (RC Miesnieki),

Martinš Straume  (LMT RC Ezi),

Aleksandrs Zimecs (SK Ovals),

Valters Rankis (RC Miesnieki),

Karlis Rozentals (SK Ovals),

Guntis Cirša (RC Remus)

E.Pulikovskijs (SK Ovals),

Nikolajs Petjunins (SK Ovals),

Demjans Zavadskis (SK Ovals),

Sergejs Avdejevs ('Jenisej' Krasnojarsk, Russia)

Janis Priede (RC Miesnieki),

Gunars Andersons (RC Miesnieki),

Andris Andersons (RC Miesnieki),

Viktors Silvoniks (RC Miesnieki),

Arvis Pilenieks (LMT RC Ezi),

Jevgenijs Švačko (SK Ovals),

Vitalijs Haleckijs (SK Ovals),

Jurijs Baranovs ('Jenisej' Krasnojarsk, Russia)



15 Andrius Matiuchinas (Baltrex Siauliai), 14. Justinas Vasiliauskas (Vairas Siauliai),

13. Gediminas Liutkus (Baltrex Siauliai), 12. Kestutis Marcisauskas (Vairas Siauliai),

11. Andrius Zeltotrubovas (RS Panevezys) [21 Rimantas Zeringis (Salda Siauliai)], 10. Edmundas Scavinskas (Baltrex Siauliai) [20 Tomas Astrauskas (Salda Siauliai)],

9. Mindaugas Misevicius (Vairas Siauliai), 8. Vitalijus Kostriucinas (RS Panevezys),

7. Andrius Martinskas (Vairas Siauliai), 6. Vilius Kucinas (Vairas Siauliai)

[18 Gediminas Matiukas (Vairas Siauliai)],  5. Laurynas Tipelis (Baltrex Siauliai) [16 Tomas Zibolis (Baltrex Siauliai)], 4. Aleksandras Ciuchlejus (Baltrex Siauliai)

[19 Sigitas Cesna (GV Vilnius)], 3. Justinas Arsanskis (Vairas Siauliai) [17 Remigijus Morkunas (Vairas Siauliai)], 2. Tomas Burskys (Baltrex Siauliai), 1. Mindaugas Grigas (Baltrex Siauliai),

Replacement not used: 22 Edvardas Zilius (Perkunas Plunge)

Coaches: Anatolijus Smirnovas, Petras Astrauskas


Referee: Tomas Tuma (Czech Republic)


Spectators: 400


Thanks to


Last Five Encounters

08.05.1999 Latvia 30-10 in Vilnius (FIRA Pool A)

25.10.1997 Lithuania 25-23 in Vilnius (FIRA Silver)

11.05.1996 Latvia 34-20 in Riga (FIRA B3)

09.10.1994 Latvia 28-10 in Riga (FIRA B1)

29.05.1993 Latvia 7-6 in Siaultai (WCQ Euro. East)


China 22, Chinese Taipei 19 in Kunming (WCQ Asia Classifying Div.2)

China won by 3 Points. I predicted China by 7 points.


China confirmed its status as won of the fastest rising rugby nations of Asia when it defeated political rival China-Taipei in Kunming.


This was the first of the Asian Classifying games to see who will enter the World Cup qualifying rounds. The draw for this region can be found earlier on this month’s news


Previous Encounter

25.05.2002 China-Taipei 29-21 in Shanghai (WCQ Asia Rnd 2)



Azerbaijan 11, Bosnia 8 in Baku (FIRA-AER Division 3, Pool C)

Azerbaijan won by 3 points. I predicted Azerbaijan by 5.


This return match between these two teams in this competition saw the Azeri win its first international rugby match.



Previous Encounter

16.04.2005 Bosnia 36-17 in Zenica (FIRA-AER Div.3)


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Bosnia 34th, Azerbaijan 38th-Change





Husein Karić

Adis Bašić

Kenan Uzunović


Albin Kapić

Kemal Šestić

Damir Džanić

Adis Selimspahić

Ermin Mušinović

Semir Ajanović

Sanjin Turalić

Armin Vehabović

Anes Smriko

Latif Bešo

Sedad Tufekčić

Sabahudin Subašić

Damir Razić

Mirsad Fetić

Damir Jasavić

Semir Pašić

Nermin Selimbegović

Adin Trako

(all players from Čelik Zenica)


Thanks to Mirza Kapic, Bosnia RFU





Jonny Wilkinson has been selected for this tournament but may still make the British and Irish Lions team to tour New Zealand.


Tournament matches

June 9: England v Canada, USA v Argentina

June 16: Winners play in Final, looses play for 3rd/4th


Olly Barkley (Bath), Chris Bell (Leeds Tykes), George Chuter (Leicester Tigers), Louis Deacon (Leicester Tigers), James Forrester (Gloucester), Perry Freshwater (Perpignan), Andy Gomarsall (Gloucester, vice-captain), Andy Goode (Leicester Tigers), Will Green (London Wasps), Phil Greening (London Wasps) Andy Hazell, (Gloucester), Stuart Hooper (Leeds Tykes), Chris Jones (Sale Sharks), Ugo Monye (NEC Harlequins), Tom Palmer (Leeds Tykes), Peter Richards (London Wasps), Paul Sackey (London Wasps), Pat Sanderson (Worcester Warriors, captain), James Simpson-Daniel (Gloucester), Mathew Tait (Newcastle Falcons), Mike Tindall (Bath), Phil Vickery (Gloucester), Tom Voyce (London Wasps), Hugh Vyvyan (Saracens), Jonny Wilkinson (Newcastle Falcons), Mike Worsley (NEC Harlequins).


Thanks to







Argentina 68, Japan 36 in Buenos Aires HT 28-23

Argentina won by 32 points. I predicted Argentina by 12.


Japan ended its short South American tour with its second test defeat in a week. Argentina, with most of its top players remaining with their European clubs, fielded very much a second team.


Point scorers



Tries: Genoud (2), Higgs (2), Ayerza, Leguizamon, Bosch, Albina, penalty

Conversions: Todeschini (5), Fernandez Miranda (2)

Penalty goals: Todeschini (3)



Tries: Motoki, Tachikawa, Onozawa, Ohata

Conversions: Morita (2)

Penalty goals: Morita (3)

Dropped goal: Morita





15 Goshi Tachikawa (Toshiba Fuchu), 14 Daisuke Ohata (Kobe Steel), 13 Reuben Parkinson, 12 Yukio Motoki (Kobe Steel), 11 Hirotoki Onozawa (Suntory), 10 Kyohei Morita (Hosei University), 9 Wataru Murata (Yamaha Motor) [20 Shota Goto (Waseda University)], 8 Takuro Miuchi Capt. (NEC), 7 Hitoshi Ono (Toshiba Fuchu) [18 Ryota Asano], 6 Hare Makiri (Fukuoka) [19 Takeomi Ito], 5 Jamie Washington, 4 Takanori Kumagae (NEC), 3 Ryo Yamamura (Yamaha Motor) [17 Kenji Kasai (Toshiba Fuchu)], 2 Ken Tsukagoshi (Toshiba Fuchu),1 Hiroshi Takahashi (Toshiba Fuchu),

Replacements not used: 16 Masakazu Nakabayashi (Yamaha Motor),  21 Ayumu Goromaru (Waseda University), 22 Christian Loamanu (Shochi Fukaya High School),

Coach: Mitsutake Hagimoto



15 Federico Serra, 14 Fernando Higgs (Los Tordos), 13 Miguel Avramovic,

12 Francisco Leonelli (La Tablada) [22 Gonzalo Tiesi], 11 Francisco Bosch (Hindu), 10 Federico Todeschini [21 Juan de la Cruz Fernández Miranda (Hindu)], 9 Nicolás Fernández Miranda, Capt. (Hindu) [20 Matías Albina (Los Tilos)], 8 Augusto Petrilli (Bourgoin, France), 7 Juan Manuel Leguizamón [18 Gerardo Lazcano Miranda (Huirapuca)], 6 Federico Genoud (Los Tordos) [19 Agustín Creevy], 5 Manuel Carizza, 4 Pablo Bouza (Duende RC), 3 Eusebio Guińazú (Mendoza RC),

2 Alberto Vernet Basualdo [16 Francisco Lecot],1 Marcos Ayerza [17 Pablo Henn (Hindu)].

Coach: Marcelo Loffreda


Thanks to


Most of Argentina’s European-based players stayed with their clubs.

Of the Argentina team on the European tour last year only Borges, Bouza, Jean de la Cruz Fernandez Miranda, Guinazu and Petrilli played. From the Argentina team that took part in the 2004 South America Championship in May, only Bosch, Genoud, Leonelli, Higgs, Henn, G.Miranda and Albina survived. A further ten players were new to test rugby.


Previous Encounters

16.10.1999 Argentina 33-12 in Cardiff (World Cup, Pool D)

15.09.1998 Japan 44-29 in Tokyo

27.05.1993 Argentina 45-20 in Buenos Aires

15.05.1993 Argentina 30-27 in Tucaman



Croatia 44, Hungary 15 in Budapest (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool A)

Croatia won by 29 points. I predicted Croatia by 50.


Previous Encounters

07.11.1998 Croatia 39-3 in Keeskemet (FIRA Pool B)

28.05.1994 Croatia 31-5 in Budapest (FIRA B2)

22.05.1993 Croatia 78-3 in Sisak (FIRA B2)


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Croatia 14th, Hungary 31st


Referee: M. Morgan (Austria)


Germany 69, Austria 9 in Vienna (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B) HT 28-6

Germany won by 60 points. I predicted Germany by 42.



Point scorers



Tries: A.Pipa (3), Widiker (2), Fischer (2), Kasten, M.Pipa, Stock.

Conversions: M.Pipa (3), Eckert (2).

Penalty goals: M.Pipa (3)



Penalty goals: Mouysset (3)





15 Benjamin Krause (SG Hannover78/08 Ricklingen) [Markus Trick (SC Neuenheim)], 14 Klaus Mainzer (SC Neuenheim), 13 Alexander Widiker (SC Neuenheim), 12 Sascha Fischer (Périgeux), 11 Manuel Wilhelm (RG Heidelberg) [Gerrit van Look (Berliner RC)], 10 Alexander Pipa (TSV Handschuhsheim), 9 Tim Kasten (RG Heidelberg) [Timur Tekkal 9TSV Viktoria Linden)], 8 Jens Schmidt, Capt. (TSV Handschuhsheim), 7 Franck Moutsinga (Berliner RC) [Sebastien Chaule (TSV Handschuhsheim)], 6 Lars Eckert (SC Neuenheim), 5 Mustafa Güngör (RG Heidelberg), 4 Colin Grzanna (Berliner RC), 3 Christopher Weselek (RG Heidelberg) [Hendrik van Look (Berliner RC)], 2 Markus Walger (RK Heusenstamm),1 Mathias Pipa (TSV Handschuhsheim) [Oliver Stock (RG Heidelberg)].

Coach: Rudolf Finsterer


Thanks to



15 Hovik Avanesian (RC Donau), 14 Marius Johannik (RC Donau), 13 Patrick Handl (RC Lycee Francais), 12 Stefan Robl (RC Innsbruck) [21 Yeong-u Seo (Vienna Celtic RFC) temp.], 11 Georg Kaiser (RC Lycee Francais), 10 Gael Mouysset (RC Lycee Francais), 9 Stiig Gabriel (RC Donau), 8 Florian Steinhart (RC Donau) [19 Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau)], 7 Tobi Messerer (Karlsruhe RC, Germany) [20 Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau)], 6 Gareth Briggs (Vienna Celtic RFC), 5 Ferdinand Richter (Munich RFC, Germany), 4 Andreas Gaul Capt. (RC Donau), 3 Nicholas Mottet (Paris University, France) [17 Andreas Schwab (RC Donau)], 2 Shervin Rafsandjani (RC Donau), 1 Philippe Chassaing (Orleans, France) [16 Christian Radda (RC Donau)],

Replacements not used: 18 Willi Payer (RC Lycee Francais), 22 Phillipp Quendler (RC Lycee Francais),

Coach Didier Louvat


Thanks to Andreas Schwab, Austria RFU and team member.


Referee: M. Barros (Portugal)


Netherlands 24, Sweden 17 in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro. Rd 2, Pool C)

Netherlands won by 7 points. I predicted Netherlands by 8.


Point scorers



Tries: Viguurs (2), Schram

Conversions: McHardy (2), Viguurs

Penalty goal: McHardy



Tries: Latele, Saunders, Ray

Conversion: Lundell





15 Ian van der Werf (Haagsche RC), 14 Piet Hein Schram (RC 't Gooi) [22 Edgar de la Hoz (Castricumse RC)], 13 Jerker Grader, Capt. (RC 't Gooi), 12 James McHardy (ASRC Ascrum) [21 Joe Hutana (Castricumse RC)], 11 Rigo Hoencamp (Haagsche RC), 10 Bart Viguurs (Castricumse RC), 9 Chris Williams (ASRC Ascrum)

[20 Silvester Ramaker (RC Delft)], 8 Benjamin Mast (Haagsche RC), 7 Mark Springer (Amstelveen RC 1890), 6 Lammert Ruiter (Castricumse RC) [19 Derk Tazelaar (Haagsche RC)], 5 Remco Donkers (RC Eemland), 4 Tino de Groot (RC 't Gooi) [18 Tim Schumacher (LRC Diok)], 3 Wesley Mulder (Castricumse RC) [17 Mike Culum (Castricumse RC)], 2 Lister Kire (Castricumse RC) [16 Joost Puijpe (Amstelveen RC 1890)], 1 Allard Jonkers (RC 't Gooi)

Coach: Alex O’Dowd


Thanks to Piet van den Deijssel, Nederlandse Rugby Bond


Sweden (incomplete)

15 Christoffer Lundell (Göteborg RK), 14 Andreas Bruhn (Göteborg RK), 13 Kanogo Njuru, 12 Alexander Taylor (Bracknell RFC, England), 11 Andrew Saunders (Richmond RFC, England), 10 Nico Parmelund (Göteborg RK), 9 Mike Tatu (Vänersborg RK), 8 Sebastian Taylor (Harrow RFC, England), 7 Allan Letele (Vänersborg RK), 6 Fredrik Casselhag, 5 Ivar Bengtsson (Stockholm Exiles),

4 Mattias Björkebäck, 3 Dave Ray (Stockholm Exiles), 2 Anders Jansson (Stockholm Exiles), 1 Niklas Jarĺker (Enköping RK),


Thanks to


Last Five Encounters

08.05.2004 Netherlands 16-0 in Stockholm (FIRA-AER Div.2, Pool A)

03.05.2003 Netherlands 39-26 in Amsterdam (FIRA-AER Div.2, Pool A)

07.05.1994 Netherlands 44-6 in Vanersborg

06.11.1993 Netherlands 31-6 in Amsterdam (WCQ Euro, FIRA B1)

15.10.1989 Netherlands 24-3 in Copenhagen (WCQ Euro.West)


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Netherlands 17th, Sweden 19th



Poland 49, Bulgaria 10 in Sofia (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D)

Poland won by 39 points. I predicted Poland by 45.


This was the first time these two teams had met.


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Poland 18th, Bulgaria 33rd


Point scorers



Tries: Wilczuk (3), Szostek (2), Wojaczek (2), Andrzejczuk, Denisiuk

Conversions: Szostek (2)



Tries: Krushkin, Tsintsov





15 Łukasz Szostek (Arka Gdynia), 14 Patryk Szwarc (Folc AZS Warszawa)

[ Krzysztof Hotowski (Budowlani Łódź)], 13 Piotr Pietrzyk (Orkan Sochaczew),

12 Marcin Malochwy (Ogniwo Sopot) [ Karol Kopyt (SKRA Warsawa)], 11 Mariusz Wilczuk (Ogniwo Sopot), 10 Maciej Szablewski (Lechia Gdańsk) [ Tomasz Grodecki (Budowlani Łódź)],  9 Dariusz Komisarczuk (Arka Gdynia), 8 Maciej Brażuk (Orkan Sochaczew), 7 Paweł Dąbrowski (Arka Gdynia) [ Łukasz Miśkiewicz (Folc AZS Warszawa)], 6 Rafal Sajur (Lechia Gdańsk) [ Marek Mirosz(Pogoń Siedlce)],

5 Robert Andrzejczuk (Arka Gdynia), 4 Paweł Denisiuk (Arka Gdynia), 3 Rafał Witoszyński (Ogniwo Sopot), 2 Jacek Wojaczek (Arka Gdynia) [ Kamil Bobryk (Pogon Siedlce)], 1 Wojciech Ruszkiewicz (Arka Gdynia), [ Michał Królikowski (Budowlani Łódź)].


Thanks to via ‘Quentin’.


Bulgaria (Not available)


Referee: M. Samoylenko (Ukraine)


Morocco 10, Tunisia 3  in Tunis (CAR Division 1, Pool C)

Morocco won by 7 points. I predicted Tunisia by 5.


Last Five Encounters

24.04.2004 Morocco 17-7 in Casablanca (CAR Div.1, Pool A(North)

18.05.2002 Tunisia 27-26 in Tunis (WCQ Africa Rnd 3, North; CAR (North 1)

19.05.2001 Morocco 30-3 in Casablanca (Africa Championship, North)

17.03.2001 Morocco 17-14 in Tunis (Africa Championship, North)

04.11.2000 Morocco 25-20 in Tunis (Africa Championship, North)


GWC Rankings: Africa Table-Morocco 3rd, Tunisia 4th


Prediction: Tunisia by 5 points.





15 Mohamed Ali Nawali, 14 Salah Blagui, 13 Mahmoud Khadraoui, 12 Hédi Souid, 11 Imed Adly, 10 Ajmi Saďd, 9 Mourad Souid, 8 Khaled Zagdane, 7 Jalloul Hali,

6 Samir Limam, 5 Ahmed Guerbej, 4 Sabri Gmir, 3 Lamjed Charrada, 2 Amir Hedidane, 1 Yusri Souguir.

Other squad members (from which presumably the replacements will be chosen)

Makram Mazgouni, Imed Fhal, Abbčs Kherfatti, Amine Garzallah, Slim Sallem, Saber Charrada, Mejdi Frikha, Lotfi Ben M'Sallem, Mejdi Guirat, Mohamed Ben Hamida, Heďthem Chelly, Mohamed Zied Halaďli, Nasreddine Hamrouni, Fakhreddine Lassoued, Tarek Ajroud, Sami Alya, Moez Jama, Amara Dridi, Tarek Khédiri, Baligh Houij Bouhel,  Kaďs Aďssa, Mokhtar Ktari, Haouadi Elloumi,



Botswana 19, Swaziland 12 in Gaborone (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A South

Botswana won by 7 points. I predicted Swaziland by 3.


Previous Encounters

04.09.2004 Botswana 25-22 in Gaborone (CAR Div.2, South)

05.10.2002 Drawn 10-10 in Malkem (CAR Div.2, South)

01.09.2001 Botswana 13-3 in Gabera (WCQ Africa 1B)

01.07.1998 Botswana 23-8


GWC Rankings: Africa Table-Swaziland 9th, Botswana 14th


Prediction: Swaziland by 3 points.




Last weekend Azerbaijan played its first international rugby match. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is situated on the western shores of the inland Caspian Sea and has Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran as its land neighbours.


The team travelled to Zenica in Bosnia to take on the locals, who themselves can remember the day back in 1992 when they played their first international rugby match.


Below is an edited email from Jahangir Tagiyev, Secretary of the Azerbaijan Rugby Federation and player in the national team.


“For A long time we had been playing against much stronger Georgian clubs and to be honest, we haven't won a game against them so far but our level is good and much improved with what it used to be a year and a half ago when we just invited the first professional coach to teach us. Guram Modebadze, the Guru of Rugby for Georgians and now us the Azeris. Guram was our inspiration not only for learning rugby but also developing it despite of all the difficulties. You can only imagine how hard it is to develop a new sport from complete scratch in a developing country. We have gone a long way from being a club to a federation but that is another story. But if there’s one name to be named in association with developing the sport of rugby in Azerbijan it would be Robert Lambert, an enthusiastic Scot, who came to Baku to work and create rugby. Bob is currently our Six Nations and IRB liaison at the moment.


This first game was a test. We have never had a chance to test ourselves against an even opponent. Georgian clubs are much stronger and we can't precisely judge at what level we were by playing against them. So this match was needed to identify where we stand. And it was not bad. In fact, it made us believe that we will be able to get to the next FIRA division very soon”


The team (Reorganized by

15 Azer Dushdurov (Baku RC U21); 14 Tural (Baku RC); 13 Ragif Huseynli (Baku RC), 12 Muradkhan (Baku RC U21), 11 Nasir (Baku RC), 10 Emin Agayev (Baku RC); 9 Alex Burnett (Baku Exiles Club), 8 Eldegiz Rafibeyli (Baku RC); 7 Zaur Islamov (Baku RC), 6 Ali Alyev (Baku RC U20), 5 Aleksey Borovskix (Baku RC);

4 Jahangir Tagiyev (Baku RC), 3 Renard Aliyev (Baku RC U21); 2 Zulfugar Nabiyev (Baku RC), 1 Shahin Arzumanov (Sumgait Rugby Club),

Replacements: 16  Emil (Baku RC), 17 Vasfi Aliyev (Baku RC), 18 Elkhan (Baku RC U20), 19 Farkhad Azayev (Baku RC U21), 20 Zahid (Baku RC U21), 21 Anar Aliyev (Baku RC),


“As you see most of the squad is from BRC - Baku Rugby Club - it's the first Azerbaian Rugby Club. Our main choice prop is from Sumgait (a town in Azerbaijan, third by it's size) and scrum half is from Baku Exiles club who are expatriates living and working in Baku. Alex Burnett is a scott who has been living in Baku for 6 years, which made him eligible for playing for national squad.”


Azerbaijan is playing in the FIRA-AER Division 3, Pool C competition. Most other European teams are playing in World Cup qualifiers at present. Those that didn’t qualify during Round 1 join Armenia, who opted not to take part in qualifying matches, in this division. They are Bosnia, Finland, Israel, Norway, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will play the return game against Bosnia in Baku on 30 April.


“For the game in Baku we will have two more guys to join Seymur, prop and Ruslan Efendiyev - team captain, flanker (6).


The coach is Guram Modebadze and his assistand Vagif Sadatkhan.”





Uruguay 24, Japan 18 in Montevideo HT 5-15

Uruguay won by 6 points. I predicted Uruguay by 12.


Japan began their short South American tour with a loss in Montevideo, a first time encounter between these two nations.


Japan built a handy lead at half time but Uruguay made a grand comeback in the second half with 19 points being contributed by full back Augustin Pérez del Castillo.


Japan face Argentina next Saturday.


GWC Rankings: World Table-Japan 13th, Uruguay 21st    change!


Point scorers



Tries: del Castillo (3), Dugonjic

Conversions: del Castillo (2)



Tries: Lomoanu, Ohata

Conversions: Morita

Penalty goal: Morita

Dropped goal: Morita





15 Augustin Pérez del Castillo (Old Boys), 14 Ivo Dugonjic (Pucaru), 13 Joaquín Pastore (Old Boys), 12 Hilario Canessa (Old Christians), 11 Carlos Baldassari (Champagnat), 10 Diego Aguirre (Tours, France), 9 Juan Campomar, Capt.,(Old Boys), 8 Ignacio Conti (Carrasco Polo), 7 Nicolás Grille (Trébol), 6 Alfredo Giuria (Beziers, France) [Marcelo Gutiérrez, (Old Christians)], 5 Juan Alzueta (Trébol), 4 Rafael Álvarez (Old Christians) [Luis Ara, (Pucaru)], 3 Federico Capó (Castres, France) [Diego Silveira, (Carrasco Polo], 2 Juan Pérez (Old Boys) [Rodrigo Sánchez, (Carrasco Polo)],1 Diego Lamelas (Alumni, Argentina).

Coach: Sebastián Pińeyrúa



15 Goshi Tachikawa (Toshiba Fuchu), 14 Christian Loamanu (Shochi Fukaya High School) [Ayumu Goromaru (Waseda University)], 13 Daisuke Ohata (Kobe Steel), 12 Reuben Parkinson [Yukio Motoki (Kobe Steel)], 11 Hirotoki Onozawa (Suntory), 10 Kyohei Motita (Hosei University), 9 Wataru Murata (Yamaha Motor) [Shota Goto (Waseda University)], 8 Takuro Miuchi, Capt. (NEC), 7 Tomoaki Nakai (Toshiba Fuchu) [Takeomi Ito (Kobe Steel)], 6 Hare Makiri, (Fukuoka), 5 Jamie Washington, 4 Takanori Kumagae (NEC), 3 Ryo Yamamura (Yamaha Motor) [Takagi Shigeyasu (Yamaha Motor)], 2 Ken Tsukagoshi (Toshiba Fuchu), 1 Hiroshi Takahashi (Toshiba Fuchu),

Coach: Mitsutake Hagimoto,


Referee: Leonardo Borghi (Argentina)


Thanks to


Moldova 55, Luxembourg 6 in Chisinau (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Moldova won by 49 points. I predicted Moldova by 60.


These two teams will meet for the first time.


Luxembourg have not played since their disasterous 0-96 loss to Germany last November. Their match against Austria last month was postponed due to a frozen pitch. They will be struggling against the home side.


Moldova will be having their first outing also since November but they have the advantage of having pushed the German team 18-27 in Chisinau in that match. Moldova should win this game easily.


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Moldova 24th, Luxembourg 26th




Luxembourg Squad

Gilles Caviglia

Pierre Husson

Joseph Lister

Willy Lafaysse,

Luis Schroeder

Nicholas Van Zeeland

Denis Laloy

Enda Horan

Thomas Eichen

Andrew Thompson

Chritophe Hoffmann

Zelito Nevos Dos Santos

Arnaud Tribellini

Paul Sullivan

Steven Special

Jonathan Harris

Raudhri Guilfoyle

Nigel Sharplin

Jean-Francois Lens

Loic Herve

Cedric Herve

Janick D’Angelo

Coach: Marty Davis


Thanks to Bernard Jargeac, Luxembourg Rugby Federation


Referee: M. Gavez (Croatia)


Belgium 15, Netherlands 10 in Vice (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C)

Belgium won by 5 points. I predicted Belgium by 3.


5000 spectators watched Belgium score a crucial 15-10 victory over their northern neighbours.


Belgium opened the scoring with a dropped goal to flyhalf Williams and a penalty goal to winger Demnati. Netherlands’ McCardy missed 3 early penalty goals in this hard, bruising encounter, but goaled later in the half when the Netherlands were dominant.


After leading 6-3 at halftime Williams added two more penalties early in the second half. The Netherlands scored a try after Belgium was reduced to 14 after Demnati was sin-binned. This gave Belgium a narrow 12-10 lead. Later in the half Schmacher was sin-binned for the Netherlands, during which time Williams sealed the result with his third penalty.


An upset victory for Belgium has put them at the top of Pool C.


GWC Rankings: Europe Table-Netherlands 16th, Belgium 23rd     CHANGE





15 Ian van der Werf (Haagsche RC), 14 Derek-Jan Haaster (Castricum RC) [22 Piet Hein Schram (RC `t Gooi Naarden)], 13 Jerker Grader, Capt. (RC `t Gooi Naarden), 12 James McHardy (Ascrum Amsterdam) [21 Joe Hutana (Castricum RC)], 11 Rigo Hoencamp (Haagsche RC), 10 Bart Viguurs (Castricum RC),9 Chris Williams (Ascrum Amsterdam) [20 Silvester Ramakers (RC Delft)], 8 Benjamin Mast (Haagsche RC), 7 Derk Tazelaar (Haagsche RC) [19 Mark Springer (Amsterdam RC)], 6 Lammert Ruiter (Castricum RC), 5 Remco Donkers  (Eemeland), 4 Timo de Groot (RC `t Gooi Naarden) [18 Tim Schumacher (LRC DIOK)], 3 Wesley Mulder (Castricum RC) [16 Dirk Willems (Haagsche RC)], 2 Lister Kire (Castricum RC), 1 Allard Jonkers (RC `t Gooi Naarden).

Replacement not used:17 Mike Culum  (Castricum RC).

Coach: Alex Dowd


Thanks to Piet van den Deijssel, Netherlands Team Manager



1.Christophe Debaty, 2.Norman Wende, 3.Jérôme Wey, 4.Mathieu Verschelden, 5.Damien Godefroy, 6.Grégory Paternoster, 7.Pierre Plasman, 8.Charlie Fourneau, 9.Sébastien Guns, 10.Peter Duchau, 11.Aaron Demnati, 12.Thibaut André, 13.Jérôme Bize, 14.Dirk Haghedooren, 15.Alan Williams

Replacements: 16.Michel Bruyčre, 17.Denis Franquin, 18.Alex Muls, 19.Mika Demolder, 20.Frédéric Gruel, 21.Hervé De Grieck, 22.Simon Marton


Thanks to


Last Five Encounters

17.03.2004 Netherlands 18-10 in Vise (Friendly)

22.02.2003 Belgium 32-25 in Middleburg (Friendly)

10.01.2001 Belgium 8-0 in Waterloo (Friendly)

18.04.1998 Netherlands 19-16 in Brussels (WCQ Euro. Pool 2, Rnd B)

12.11.1994 Belgium 10-0 in S’hertogenbash (FIRA A1)


Malta 23, Bulgaria 15 in Sofia (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D)

Referee: M. Gustafsson (Sweden)


Cameroun v Nigeria in Lagos (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A, North)

The Camerouns arrive in Lagos seeking an improved performance against the Nigerians at home. The Senegalese exposed weaknesses in the Nigerian team when they won 48-6 last month in Dakar. Even if the Camerouns pick the same side that played and lost 0-6 to Senegal they will be too strong for Nigeia.


These two teams have never met before.


GWC Rankings: Africa Table-Cameroun 7th, Nigeria 19th


Prediction: Cameroun by 35 points




Nigeria Squad of 26 (to be reduced to 22)



Jibola Dalley (Racing)

Isa al Hassan (Lagos)

Mohammed Kabiru (Kaduna)

Osita Mougbo (Young Lions)                                  

Peter Otemade(Racing)                  

Matthew Emeka (Eco II)                                          

Bobmanuel Mojekwo (Eco II)          

Sunday Bernard (Kaduna)  

Harus  (Eco II)                                   

Dapo Ademola (Racing)                 

Segun Samuel (Kaduna)                 

Emmanuel Godwin (Zaire)

Tunji Fasimoye (Racing)                 

Simon Joseph (Kaduna)                 

Joseph Ofoha (Racing)                   



Sanni Halilu    (Eco II)                       

Kingsley Iwhiwhu (Racing)                                                  

Azeez Ladipo (Racing)                   

Maleek Ahmed (Eco II)                    

Chike Nwagbogu (Racing) 

Philip Onyekweli (Racing)               

Lateef Yusuf   (Kaduna)                   

Tata al Hassan (Kaduna)                

Ladi Alakija (Racing)                       

Gbenga Hammed (Eco II)               

Sunday Yayok (Kaduna)

Coach: Ntiense Williams


Thanks to Ntiense Williams, Coach Nigeria team



Bosnia 36, Azerbaidjan 17 in Zenica (FIRA-AER Div.3) HT 31-3

Bosnia won by 19 points. I predicted Bosnia by 25.


Bosnia raced away to a match winning 31-3 lead by half time taking advantage of Azerbaidjan’s inexperience. The Azerbaidjan pack weighed 100kg more than Bosnia but the Bosnians dominated all phases of play in this half.


In the second half Bosnia used all its replacements who were younger players. Azerbaidjan.


This was Azerbaijan’s first test match. Some players were from France-based clubs but mostly they were from Azerbaijan. There coach is Georgian.


The Azerbaijanians tried to break Bosnian defence, but the defence pattern of Bosnia (in first half) was supreme. Further to that, the Bosnian team used short passes in back play which confused the Azerbaijan team, so they were not able to defend from set play.


The FIRA-AER 3rd Division contains all the European teams who were either eliminated in the first round of the World Cup European qualifiers, or who chose not to take part.


Point scorers



Tries: Kapić (2), Tufekčić, Selimspahić, Uzunović, Mušinović

Conversions: Kapić (3)




Bosnia (all players from Čelik Zenica)

15. Albin Kapić [19. Damir Razić],  14. Sedad Tufekčić, 13. Benjamin Kapić  (Capt),

12. Nermin Selimbegović, 11. Adis Selimspahić [22. Latif Bešo],  10. Sabahudin Subašić, 9.  Armin Vehabović, 8.  Damir Džanić, 7. Sanjin Turalić, 6.  Kenan Uzunović, 5.  Kemal Šestić [18. Mensur Uzunović],  4.  Ermin Mušinović, 3.  Husein Karić [16. Rusmir Ljutvijević], 2.  Semir Ajanović [17. Mirsad Fetić], 1 Semir Pašić.

Replacements not used: 20. Senad Tabaković, 21. Edin Hrapović,



15 Azer Dushdurov (Baku RC U21); 14 Tural (Baku RC); 13 Ragif Huseynli (Baku RC), 12 Muradkhan (Baku RC U21), 11 Nasir (Baku RC), 10 Emin Agayev (Baku RC); 9 Alex Burnett (Baku Exiles Club), 8 Eldegiz Rafibeyli (Baku RC); 7 Zaur Islamov (Baku RC), 6 Ali Alyev (Baku RC U20), 5 Aleksey Borovskix (Baku RC);

4 Jahangir Tagiyev (Baku RC), 3 Renard Aliyev (Baku RC U21); 2 Zulfugar Nabiyev (Baku RC), 1 Shahin Arzumanov (Sumgait Rugby Club),

Replacements: 16  Emil (Baku RC), 17 Vasfi Aliyev (Baku RC), 18 Elkhan (Baku RC U20), 19 Farkhad Azayev (Baku RC U21), 20 Zahid (Baku RC U21), 21 Anar Aliyev (Baku RC),



Referee: M. Parrini (France)


Match report (edited) and Bosnia data thanks to Mirza Kapic, Bosnia Rugby Union.


Incidentally Mirza mentions that the other Bosnian clubs are not at the standard for international play. Those clubs are Sarajevo, Tomislav, Vitez, Zenica'72 and Rudar.




Something very special in world rugby is about to happen. A team from the British Isles and Ireland will make a full tour (meaning tests AND mid-week games) to New Zealand.


The team will represent the four ‘Home Unions’-England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Before the individual unions began sending their teams on tours, this was the only way a rugby player from the British Isles and Ireland could visit and play rugby in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.


Justin Marshall, the New Zealand halfback, raised an interesting point from the player’s point of view in an interview this week. He said the Tri-Nations tournament was becoming boring-more of the same, and that there must be more variety in the world of international rugby. Well now we have some variety.


I have put this view on the Internet before. Break up the monotony of the Tri-Nations and make it a bi-annual tournament with ‘full tours’ by New Zealand to Australia, Australia to South Africa, South Africa to New Zealand etc, in the alternate years. If its financially possible for the Lions to tour New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, why not begin an old trend and bring more interest, perhaps passion, back into this grand game.


The Touring squad of 44


Backs: Iain Balshaw (England and Leeds), Geordan Murphy (Ireland and Leicester), Jason Robinson (England and Sale Sharks), Gareth Thomas (Wales and Toulouse), Shane Williams (Wales and Neath-Swansea Ospreys), Josh Lewsey (England and Wasps), Shane Horgan (Ireland and Leinster), Denis Hickie (Ireland and Leinster), Tom Shanklin (Wales and Cardiff Blues), Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland and Leinster, captain), Gavin Henson (Wales and Neath-Swansea Ospreys), Ollie Smith (England and Leicester), Gordon D'Arcy (Ireland and Leinster), Will Greenwood (England and Harlequins), Stephen Jones (Wales and Clermont Auvergne), Ronan O'Gara (Ireland and Munster), Charlie Hodgson (England and Sale Sharks), Matt Dawson (England and Wasps), Dwayne Peel (Wales and Llanelli Scarlets), Gareth Cooper (Wales and Newport Gwent Dragons), Chris Cusiter (Scotland and Borders).


Forwards: Graham Rowntree (England and Leicester), Andrew Sheridan (England and Sale Sharks), Matt Stevens (England and Bath), Gethin Jenkins (Wales and Cardiff Blues), Julian White (England and Leicester), John Hayes (Ireland and Munster), Gordon Bulloch (Scotland and Glasgow), Steve Thompson (England and Northampton), Andy Titterrell (England and Sale Sharks), Shane Byrne (Ireland and Leinster), Danny Grewcock (England and Bath), Ben Kay (England and Leicester), Malcolm O'Kelly (Ireland and Leinster), Donncha O'Callaghan (Ireland and Munster), Paul O'Connell (Ireland and Munster), Michael Owen (Wales and Newport Gwent Dragons), Richard Hill (England and Saracens), Neil Back (England and Leicester), Martyn Williams (Wales and Cardiff Blues), Lewis Moody (England and Leicester), Simon Taylor (Scotland and Edinburgh), Martin Corry (England and Leicester), Lawrence Dallaglio (England and Wasps).


The Itinerary


23.05.2005   v Argentina - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (19:45 BST)

24.05.2005   Lions depart for New Zealand

04.06.2005   v Bay of Plenty - Rotorua International Stadium,

08.06.2005   v Taranaki - Yarrow Stadium, New Plymouth

11.06.2005   v NZ Maori - Waikato Stadium, Hamilton

15.06.2005   v Wellington - Westpac Stadium, Wellington

18.06.2005   v Otago - Carisbrook, Dunedin

21.06.2005   v Southland - Rugby Park Stadium, Invercargill

25.06.2005   v NEW ZEALAND (1st Test) - Jade Stadium, Christchurch

28.06.2005   v Manawatu - Arena Manawatu, Palmerston North

02.07.2005   v NEW ZEALAND (2nd Test) - Westpac Stadium, Wellington

05.07.2005   v Auckland - Eden Park, Auckland

09.07.2005   v NEW ZEALAND (3rd Test) - Eden Park, Auckland






Spain 26, Croatia 26 in Seville (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool A)

Match drawn. I predicted Spain by 40 points.


This result has thrown Spanish rugby into despair.


Played in a strong breeze before 2,000 spectators, Spain led 26-16 well into the second half before Croatia staged a strong comeback. A penalty goal and a penalty try, which was converted, plus missed goal kicking opportunities by Spain, allowed the Croatians to come away with a well-deserved draw.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Spain stays at 13th, Croatia moves up to 14th.             


Point Scorers



Tries: Sampere, Zarzosa

Conversions: Roque (2)

Penalty goals: Roque (4)



Tries: Puljiz, penalty

Conversions: Ursic, Resetar

Penalty goals: Ursic (3), Resetar





15 César Sempere (Centransa El Salvador), 14 Ignacio Martín (Atletico Bera Bera), 13 Ferrán Velazco (Centransa El Salvador), 12 Jamie Nava (Alcobendas Racing Centra) [18 Iván Criado (Centransa El Salvador)], 11 Jorge Prieto (Madrid 2012) [20 Antonio Beltrán (Metro-Racing de París, France)], 10 Esteban Roque (Centransa El Salvador), 9 Pablo Feijoo (Atletico Bera Bera), 8 David Hernandez (Getxo Artea R.T) [19 Santiago Serrano (UE Santbioana)], 7 Nicolás Tisane (Oyonnax, France), 6 Sergio Souto (Centransa El Salvador), 5 Andrew Ebbet (Alcobendas Racing Centra), 4 Igor Isasi (Ordizia), 3 Igor Alberro (Atletico Bera Bera) [17 Manuel Serrano (Centransa El Salvador)], 2 Mathieu Cidre (Beziers, France) [16 Diego Zarzosa (Centransa El Salvador)], 1 César Caballero (Centransa El Salvador).

Replacements not used: 21 David Mota (C.R. Liceo Frances), 22 Jose Ignacio Inchausti (Alcobendas Racing Centra).

Coach: Gerrard Glynn



15. Ivan Resetar, 14. IMiroslav Mandic, 13. Tomislav Burazin, 12. Vlado Ursic [20. Josip Dedic ], 11. Mario Rajcic, 10. Antony Posa, 9. Denis Puljiz, 8. Scott Keith, 7. Bosko Sablic, 6. Vedran Pomper [19. Ante Olujic], 5. Ivica Letica [16. Zvonimir Grasic], 4. Luka Marin, 3. Ivan Nola, 2. Jure Penovic [17. Goran Culic], 1 Goran Zilic.

Replacements not used: 18. Aleksandar Sljepcevic , 21. Veceslav Holjevac ,

22. Vedran Antic ,


Referee: Ferdinando de Sousa (Portugal)

All data thanks to David Marrero Álvarez, Press Officer,

Previous Encounter

25.06.1993 Spain 58-6 in Beziers, France (Mediterranean Games)



Denmark 16, Austria 3 in Frederika (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

HT 6-3

These two teams have never met before.


Denmark’s lead up to this match has not been impressive. They lost, at the end of last year, to Moldova 11-20 at home and squeaked past Luxembourg 6-5 away. Last weekend they crashed to Germany 0-56.


The Austrians defeated Bosnia twice last September/October to be promoted to this pool. They have been untested to date as its match against Luxembourg, due to be played last month, was postponed to May due to bad weather.


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Denmark 25th, Austria 27th


Prediction: Denmark by 14 points.





15. Morten Rune Nielsen (Frederiksberg RK), 14. Tom Karlebo (Frederiksberg RK), 13. Kristoffer Vandborg (RK Speed), 12. René T. Kristensen (Aarhus RK),

11. Richard Stephens (Exiles), 10. Dominick Wilson (Frederiksberg RK), 9. Matthew Delany (Frederiksberg RK), 8. Mikael Lai Rasmussen,,Capt. (Aarhus RK), 7. Reuben Paniora (Aarhus RK), 6. Kevin Steel (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg), 5. Jens Aage Skare Nielsen (Frederiksberg RK), 4. Thomas Thiede (Hundested RK), 3. Michael Bransholm (Frederiksberg RK), 2. Kasper Vad Pedersen (Aarhus RK),1. Sřren Brobyskov (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg).

Replacements:16. Jesper Ř. Christensen (Frederiksberg RK), 17. Jesper Jakobsen, (Frederiksberg RK), 18. Johannes Soussan (CSR-Nanok), 19. Morten Jřrgensen (Erritsř), 20. Dodji Hounou (RK Speed),

21. Shaun O'Donnell (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg), 22. Marcus Hvass (Dunstablians, England),

Coach: Douglas Langley



15 Leonardo Schweighofer (A. Getxo, Spain), 14 Hovik Avanesian (RC Donau),

13 Patrick Handl (RC Lycee Francais), 12 Amir Yassari (RC Lycee Francais),

11 Georg Kaiser (RC Lycee Francais), 10 Gael Mouysset (RC Lycee Francais),

9 Stiig Gabriel (RC Donau), 8 Ferdinand Richter (Munich RFC, Germany), 7 Tobi Messerer (Karlsruhe RC, Germany), 6 Gareth Briggs (Vienna Celtic RFC),

 5 Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau), 4 Andreas Gaul, Capt. (RC Donau ), 3 Nicholas Mottet (Paris University, France), 2 Shervin Rafsandjani (RC Donau), 1 Philippe Chassaing (Orleans, France).

Replacements: 16 Christian Radda (RC Donau), 17 Andreas Schwab (RC Donau),

18 Benoit Mottet (France), 19 Florian Steinhart (RC Donau), 20 Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau), 21 Marius Johannik (RC Donau), 22 Yeong-u Seo (Vienna Celtic RFC).

Coach: Didier Louvat


Thanks to Andreas Schwab, Austrian team member.


Referee: Ralf Tietge (Germany)


Belgium 21, Lithuania 13 in Jurbarkas (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool C) HT 9-8

Belgium won by 8 points. I predicted Belgium by 35.


Without a match report to date it looks like this could have been a spiteful match with two sinbinnings. Lithuanian player Kucinas was sinbinned in the 37th minute and Belgium scored a try just after halftime. A Belgian player was sinbinned right on fulltime.


Point scorers



Tries: Plasman, Debaty

Conversion: Williams

Penalty goals: Williams (3)



Tries: Scavinskas, Liutkus

Penalty goal: Marcisauskao





15 Reuben Levermore (Brussels Barbarians), 14 Jerome Bize (Arras), 13 Thibaut Andre (Soignies), 12 Peter Duchau (Boitsfort), 11 Simon Marote (ASUB) [20 Hervé De Grieck (Beauvais)], 10 Alan Williams (Aurillac, France) [22 Dirk Haghedooren (Arras)], 9 Sebastien Guns (ROC), [21 Frédéric Gruel (Beauvais)], 8 Pierre Plasman Capt. (Boitsfort), 7 Karel Van Acker (Strasbourg RC, France), 6 Gregory Paternoster (Boitsfort) [16 Michel Bruyčre (Anderlecht)], 5 Damien Godefroy (Strabourg RC, France) [18 Charlie Fourneau (ROC)], 4 Mathieu Verschelde (ASUB) [19 Alex Muls (ASUB)], 3 Jerome Wey (Kituro), 2 Norman Wende (Arras), 1 Christophe Debaty (Montauban, France).

Replacement not used: 17 Denis Franquin (Boitsfort).

Coach: Richard McClintock


Thanks to



15. Maksimas Guseinovas (Vairas Siauliai) [22 Rimantas Zeringis (Salda Siauliai)], 14. Andrius Matiuchinas (Baltrex Siauliai), 13. Gediminas Liutkus (Baltrex Siauliai)

12. Kestutis Marcisauskas (Vairas Siauliai) [20 Justinas Vasiliauskas (Vairas Siauliai)],  11. Andrius Zeltotrubovas (RS Panevezys) [21 Tomas Astrauskas (Salda Siauliai)], 10. Edmundas Scavinskas (Baltrex Siauliai), 9. Mindaugas Misevicius (Vairas Siauliai), 8. Vitalijus Kostriucinas (RS Panevezys), 7. Andrius Martinskas (Vairas Siauliai), 6. Vilius Kucinas (Vairas Siauliai), 5. Laurynas Tipelis (Baltrex Siauliai) [18 Gediminas Matiukas (Vairas Siauliai)], 4. Ignas Liukinevicius (Baltrex Siauliai), 3. Justinas Arsanskis (Vairas Siauliai), 2. Tomas Burskys (Baltrex Siauliai),

1. Darius Nosys (Vairas Siauliai) [16 Tomas Zibolis (Baltrex Siauliai)].

Replacements not used: 17 Remigijus Morkunas (Vairas Siauliai), 19 Mantas Eimantas (Azuolas Kaunas)

Coach: Anatolijus Smirnovas


Thanks to Alfredas Mickeliunas


Referee: M. Kocielniak (Poland)


Previous Encounter

05.05.2001 Belgium 29-20 in Brussels (FIRA Pool 1, WCQ Euro. Rnd 1)



Serbia-Montenegro 24, Malta 17 in Marsa (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool D) HT 17-5

Malta has had some sensational results in international rugby in recent years. They have risen quickly through the divisions in the FIRA-AER competitions. Their first match in Pool D, last October, was a surprise 17-8 win over the strong Swiss team away. They crashed 13-36 to the strong Polish team at home last November, this being their first outing this side of Christmas. They should win over the visiting side.


Serbia-Montenegro also surprised the Swiss, in March, when they drew 11-11 at home. They easily accounted for Bulgaria 33-10 last November in their only other game in this pool.

Previous Encounter

17.04.2004 Malta 20-18 in Marsa


GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Malta 18th, Serbia-Montenegro 20th


Prediction: Malta by 14 points.




Serbia-Montenegro Squad


Nenad Matejic (KBRK Belgrade),

Miljan Milosavljevic (Partizan Belgrade),

Aleksandar Stefanovic (Partizan Belgrade), 

Sasa Djukic (Partizan Belgrade), 

Marko Milosavljevic (Partizan Belgrade),

 Milan Rastovac (Partizan Belgrade),

Marko Prijic (Partizan Belgrade),

Nikola Orlandic (KBRK Belgrade),

Marko Kapor (Partizan Belgrade),

Dejan Karatrajkovski (KBRK Belgrade).



Aleksandar Jakisic (Partizan Belgrade),

Dejan Stiglic (KBRK Belgrade),

Jerko Labus (Partizan Belgrade),

Nikola Jerkovic (Partizan Belgrade),

 Danilo Bulatovic (Old Albanians, England), 

Aleksandar Poprecica (KBRK Belgrade),

Aleksandar Mihajlovic (Portarlington, Ireland),

Bojan Lukuc (Celtiks Wien, Austria),

Jakov Jakov (Partizan Belgrade),

Branislav Acimomic (Partizan Belgrade),

Aleksandar Obradovic (Partizan Belgrade),

 Djordje Milenkovic (KBRK Belgrade). 


Thanks to Dragan Pavlovic, Serbia-Montenegro RFU      


Malta Squad

Dean Zammit;

Harry Collins;

Martin Mallia;

Ian Borda;

Tom Webb;

Luke Watts;

Robert Bonavia;

David Gasan;

Steve Kempster;

Dominic St. George;

Paul Cioffi;

Daniel Grima;

John Dimmond;

Dominic Busuttil;

Mark Cuschieri;

Jamie Caruana;

Matthew Mirabelli;

Oliver Sacco;

Nick Warren;

Chris Vassallo;

Joe Sultana;

Sean Doublesin


Referee: M. Jones (Austria)


Zambia 28, Botswana 24 in Lusaka (WCQ Africa Rnd 1A South)

Zambia won by 4 points. I predicted Zambia by 5.


Zambia was hijacked by Swaziland by 1 point last month in a shock Africa group qualifying match. They will be a much stronger proposition at home.


Botswana have not played since winning the CAR Division 2 final against Mali 12-6 last November. Last September they defeated Swaziland 25-22 to take the Division 2, South title.


Previous Encounters

27.07.2002 Zambia 37-17 in Lusaka (Friendly)

17.05.1997 Zambia 20-13 in Gaborone (WCQ Africa Rnd A)


GWC Rugby Rankings: Africa Table-Zambia 10th, Botswana 14th                


 Prediction: Zambia by 5 points.




Botswana Squad

1 Rich Keipoketswe (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

2 Brendan Garcin Capt. (Gaborone Rugby Club),

3 Gareth Gilbert (Gaborone Rugby Club),

4 Shaun Lees (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

5 Moses Makiwa (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

6 Jerry Mooketsi (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

7 Kevin Tabengwa (Francistown Tuskers Rugby Club),

8 Munyaradzi Mhonda (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

9 Donald Kandima (Francistown Tuskers Rugby Club),

10 Charl van Zyl (Gaborone Rugby Club),

11 Leloba Kgosintwa (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

12 Jason Kilian (Gaborone Rugby Club),

13 Steve Small (Gaborone Rugby Club),

14 Emmanuel Masinki (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

15 Jerome Alabu (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

16 Thatayaone Malele (UB Rhinos Rugby Club),

17 Marula Ncube (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

18 Seabe Gabatlodiwe (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

19 Gilbert Machobane(BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

20 Onamile Tshimologo (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club),

21 Mark Colley (Gaborone Rugby Club),

22 Mooketsi Mooketsi (BDF Cheetahs Rugby Club).


Thanks to B.Lekan, Botswana RFU



15 Chancy Mulama, 14 Matete Chilima, 13 Richard Kapoma, 12 Laurence Njobvu, 11 Owen Busange, 10 Alex Mwila, 9 Ronnel Armengol, 8 Armitage Nyondo, 7 Longa Chikwamo, 6 Happy Chipili, 5 Chiluba Kangwa, 4 Chipo Mubagwe, 3 John Kambaenda, 2 Norman Sibande, 1 Chris Chileshe,

Replacements: 16 Langford Kashinka, 17 Lazarous Chiti,18 Ceasar Mutesa,

19 Ronald Chishimba, 20 Anthony Kalengo, 21 Mumba Mufumbe, 22 Darren Young,

Coaches: Kelvin Clulee and Innocent Sakala.


Thanks to Kalumiana Kalumiana



 ‘Talofa lava (welcome) American Samoa (08.04)

American Samoa is the latest Union to be admitted to the International Rugby Board, after being granted Associate Membership at the IRB's Annual Council Meeting in Dublin this week.

Its Associate Membership of the IRB will allow American Samoa to participate in IRB Regional Competitions, a move that is sure to be popular considering Rugby is an American Samoan pastime and the main sport on the island.

And if you're wondering where American Samoa is, it's a group of five volcanic islands and two coral atolls located some 4,200 kilometres south of Hawaii in the South Pacific. American Samoa is an unincorporated, unorganised territory of the U.S. and is a neighbour of Western Samoa, an independent country that shares the same culture and is already a Member Union of the IRB’.

Thanks to Australian Rugby Union, ‘True Colours ‘,Epublication


Matches have been rescheduled. Thanks to ‘Seahorse’ from the Forum at, and to


Asian Qualifying Groups


Division I: Korea, Japan, Hong Kong.

Division II: Chinese Taipei, China, Arabian Gulf.

Division IIIA: Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Division IIIB: Kazakhstan, Malaysia, India, Guam.


Initial Match Schedule


April 8: Arabian Gulf v China, Dubai - postponed

April 30: China v Chinese Taipei, Kunming

May 8: Japan v Hong Kong, Tokyo

May 15: Korea v Japan, Seoul

May 20: Chinese Taipei v Arabian Gulf, Keelung

May 22: Hong Kong v Korea, Hong Kong

June 4: Thailand v Sri Lanka, Bangkok

June 4: India v Kazakhstan, Mumbai

June 8: Kazakhstan v Malaysia, Mumbai

June 11: India v Malaysia, Mumbai

June 11: Singapore v Thailand, Singapore

June 18: Guam v India, Guam

June 22; Kazakhstan v Guam, Almaty

June 25: Sri Lanka v Singapore, Colombo

June 26: Malaysia v Guam, Kuala Lumpur







Germany 56, Denmark 0 in Heidelberg (WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

Germany won by 56 points.I predicted Germany by 40.


Neighbours Germany and Denmark met in a World Cup Qualifier in Heidelberg. Germany won easily outplaying the Danes in all aspects of the game.


A serious mouth injury to Tim Coly may put him out for the remainder of the season. Lars Eckert was named ‘Player of the Match’.


Point Scorers



Tries: Walger (2), M. Pipa (2), Grzanna (2), Schmidt, A. Pipa, Stock.

Conversions: M. Pipa (4)

Penalty Goal: M. Pipa





15 Morten Rune Nielsen (Frederiksberg RK), 14 Tom Karlebo (Frederiksberg RK),

13 Kristoffer Vandborg (RK Speed) [22 Marcus Hvass (Dunstablians, England)],

12 René T. Kristensen (Aarhus RK), 11 Andy Nielsen (Old Anselmians, England),

10 Dominick Wilson (Frederiksberg RK) [21 Shaun O'Donnell (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg)],

9 Mattthew Delany (Frederiksberg RK) [20 Dodji Hounou (RK Speed)], 8 Mikael Lai Rasmussen, Capt., (Aarhus RK), 7 Reuben Paniora (Aarhus RK), 6 Kevin Steel (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg) [19 Morten Jřrgensen (Erritsř RK)], 5 Frank Kristensen (Aarhus RK) [17 Jesper Jakobsen (Frederiksberg RK)], 4 Thomas Thiede (Hundested RK) [18 Johannes Soussan (CSR/Nanok)], 3 Kenneth D. Sřrensen (Aarhus RK), 2 Michael Bransholm (Frederiksberg RK) [16 Kasper Vad Pedersen (Aarhus RK)], 1 Sřren Brobyskov (Holluf Pile-Tjornberg).

Coach: Douglas Langley



15 Benjamin Krause (SG Hannover 78/08 Ricklingen) [22 Marcus Trick (SC Neuenheim)], 14 Tim Coly (RC Strasbourg) [21 Klaus Mainzer(SC Neuenheim)], 13 Alexander Widiker  (SC Neuenheim), 12 Sascha Fischer (RC Périgueux-Dordogne, France) [20  Manuel Wilhelm (RG Heidelberg)], 11 Robert Mohr (Atlantique Stade Rochelais, France), 10 Tim Kasten (RG Heidelberg), 9 Jens Schmidt, Capt. (TSV Handschuhsheim), 8 Steffen Thier (RC Strasbourg) [19 Alexander Pipa (TSV Handschuhsheim)], 7 Mustafa Güngör (RG Heidelberg) [18 Franck Moutsinga (Berliner RC)], 6 Lars Eckert (SC Neuenheim),  5 Markus Walger (RK Heusenstamm) [17 Oliver Stock (RG Heidelberg)], 4 Collin Grzanna (Berliner RC), 3 Christopher Weselek, (RG Heidelberg), 2 Mathias Pipa (TSV Handschuhsheim), 1 Domenick Davies (SG Hannover 78/08 Ricklingen) [16 Sebastien Chaule (TSV Handschuhsheim)].

Coach: Rudolf Finsterer


Referee: M. Oberg (Sweden)


Germany details thanks to Christian Duencher- press - German Rugby Union (DRV)

Denmark details thanks to Flemming Gade, Development Officer, Denmark RFU


Last five encounters

10.11.2001 Germany 34-24 in Heidelberg (FIRA/WCQ Euro. Rnd 2, Pool B)

28.04.2001 Germany 21-10 in Aarborg (FIRA Div.B)

07.05.2000 Denmark 39-19 in Varel (FIRA Div.B)

20.04.1997 Germany 13-8 in Aarborg (FIRA Playoff 9th-12th)

12.05.1996 Germay 16-11 in Hannover (FIRA B1)