Internet and other resources:
Planet Rugby
Spanish RFU web site,
Sweden RFU web site
Stuart Urquhart, Kenya RFU
Uldis Bautris, Latvia RFU
Richard Hughes, Federation Luxemboourgeoise de Rugby
Thailand RFU, Don McBain TRFU
Alex Goff
Lajos Vida-Szucs, Hungarian RFU
Volker Himmer, German RFU
Colin Brown, Cook Islands RFU
Chantal Brunette, Canada RFU
Velimir Juricko, Federation Croate de Rugby
Delfim Varreira, Portuguese Rugby Federation
Nester A. Corbett Martinez, Peru RFU

The following books have been used extensively as references.
‘The Guiness Book of Rugby Facts & Feats’ Terry Godwin & Chris Rhys
‘The World of Rugby’ Wallace Reyburn & Ross Reyburn
‘Test Rugby Lists’ Clark, Mason & Samuelson
‘The International Rugby Almanack 1994’ Edited by D.Wyatt
‘Rothmans Rugby Yearbooks’ Edited by (at various times)Vivian Jenkins, Jim Shepherd, Stephen Jones, Mick Cleary & John Griffiths.
‘History of New Zealand Rugby Football Vols 1 & 2 ‘ A.C.Swan
‘Rugby 95’, ‘Rugby 96’, ‘Rugby 97’ Greg Thomas & Col Whelan
‘New Zealand Rugby Almanack’ Carman, Swan, MacMillan, Akers, Miller
‘Rugby 98’ by Paolo Pacitti & Francesco Volpe

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permission to use the illustration from the cover
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1954 Rugby Almanack in this web site.
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