This web site has been designed as a vehicle for international rugby statistics and information. At the top level rugby is well catered for by many other sites. The purpose of this site is to bring more attention to international rugby played outside the top eight nations.

Since the 1987 World Cup rugby has become a truly international game, second only to soccer in the number of nations affiliated to a world body. More and more nations are participating in international matches with many entering World Cup qualifying matches for the first time.

Statistical records for the major nations are accurately recorded, detailed and reasonably easy to find. These records are vital to the history of the game. . Who did what?. has been a part of sport since the Romans raced their chariots.

However, apart from the top eight, many nations do not have a history of the game that is nationally recognized and appreciated. Since the 1987 World Cup this has begun to change.

With a few exceptions records have not been kept accurately by lesser-known nations. The task of collecting and collating international rugby data has been my part-time endevour since 1996.

Some lists are official whilst others have been made up by placing together bits and pieces of data from numerous sources. The task will probably continue for ever as even some official records differ as to data; dates for matches, scores attained and even results.

Contact is maintained with as many national rugby unions as possible. This is difficult, and so much data remains to be collated. Your help is appreciated. All data verified will be acknowledged.

The following books have been used extensively as references.

. The Guiness Book of Rugby Facts & Feats. Terry Godwin & Chris Rhys
. The World of Rugby. Wallace Reyburn & Ross Reyburn
. Test Rugby Lists. Clark, Mason & Samuelson
. The International Rugby Almanack 1994. Edited by D.Wyatt
. Rothmans Rugby Yearbooks. Edited by (at various times)Vivian Jenkins, Jim Shepherd, Stephen Jones, Mick Cleary & John Griffiths.
. History of New Zealand Rugby Football Vols 1 & 2 . A.C.Swan
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. New Zealand Rugby Almanack. Carman, Swan, MacMillan, Akers, Miller
. Rugby 98. by Paolo Pacitti & Francesco Volpe

Gary Carbines
April 2002

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